42% of Partner Visas Denied

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Are 42% of Partner Visas really denied?

The following image shows a statement by a Migration agent that 42% of Partner Visas were Denied in 2018.

Partner Visa 42 per cent denied

That 42% seems to be a very high figure, but they do not link to official figures for those numbers. I have always seen numbers closer to around 10%.

I know that many cases that go through a migration agent are more complex than most, so maybe that is the reason for their own higher refusal rate, if the figures relate to their case rate.

These Official figures from the Immigration department for 2017-18, show a much lower refusal rate for applications that did NOT use a migration agent.

Onshore Partner visa 820

  • Finalised: 33,133.
  • Granted: 29,846. 90.1% granted.
  • Refused: 2,450. 7.4% refused.

Offshore Partner visa 309

  • Finalised: 34,312.
  • Granted: 30,282. 88.3% granted.
  • Refused: 2,791. 8.1% refused.

Source: Department of Home Affairs Freedom of Information request: FA18/07/00438

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It would be interesting to see how that 42% was calculated.

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  2. Hello! Thank you for all the information on this website, it’s been very helpful to me.

    My partner is a New Zealander and he sponsored his first ex back in New Zealand and then after that he sponsored second ex in Australia. I know that everyone can only sponsor twice with 5 years apart. My question is will NZ sponsorship counted as one? Is there any website or official immigration that we can confirm that if my partner can sponsor me again?

    Many thanks in advance.

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