820 visa Grant while Offshore

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Can you get a subclass 820 visa Grant while Offshore?

One of the rules for the subclass 820 visa is this:

You must be in Australia when you apply for this visa and when we decide your temporary visa application.

You can travel outside Australia and return if your current visa lets you.

However, you should tell us that you will travel or are travelling. This is because you must be in Australia when we decide your temporary visa application.
If you leave Australia, make sure you have a valid visa to return.
It is also important that you update immigration with any changes to your contact details.

What happens if the 820 applicant is outside Australia when a case officer is ready to finalise the application?

I know that a subclass 300 or 309 applicant will be told to leave Australia, if they are inside Australia at the time of decision.

I would therefore assume that a subclass 820 applicant, currently overseas, would also be told to return to Australia for the decision.

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From what I have seen and experienced, the time given to leave, or return to, Australia, is based on the expiry date of their Medical and Police checks.

That would normally be 12 months after those two items were provided.

Therefore you would normally need to be inside Australia, and before the medical and police check expiry dates, to be given the visa decision.

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