At 80% Fully Vaccinated in Australia

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Phase C at 80% Fully Vaccinated.

Once 80% of the people in Australia are fully vaccinated, the government says that we can move to Phase C of the National Plan.

Seek to minimise serious illness, hospitalisations and fatalities as a result of COVID-19 with baseline restrictions.

Measures may include:

  • Maximise vaccination coverage;
  • Minimum ongoing baseline restrictions, adjusted to minimise cases without lockdowns;
  • Highly targeted lockdowns only;
  • Continue vaccine booster programme;
  • Exempt vaccinated residents from all domestic restrictions;
  • Abolish caps on returning vaccinated Australians;
  • Allow increased capped entry of student, economic, and humanitarian visa holders;
  • Lift all restrictions on outbound travel for vaccinated Australians; and
  • Extend travel bubble for unrestricted travel to new candidate countries (Singapore, Pacific);
  • Gradual reopening of inward and outward international travel, with safe countries and proportionate quarantine and reduced requirements for fully vaccinated inbound travellers.

Followed by:

Phase D Final Post-Vaccination Phase.

Manage COVID-19 consistent with public health management of other infectious diseases.

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Measures may include:

  • Open international borders;
  • Quarantine for high-risk inbound travel;
  • Minimise cases in the community without ongoing restrictions or lockdowns;
  • Live with COVID-19: management
    consistent with influenza or other infectious diseases;
  • Boosters as necessary;
  • Allow uncapped inbound arrivals for all vaccinated persons, without quarantine; and
  • Allow uncapped arrivals of non-vaccinated travellers subject to pre-flight and on arrival testing.

National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response.

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