Australian Air Travel Confusion

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Are Airlines Starting or Stopping flights to Australia?

The Australian federal government wants to open up international borders as soon as possible.

Some Australian State governments prefer to stay locked down and keep the numbers of deaths at a minimum  for as long as possible.

It is understandable that some airlines, or airline commentators place more importance on the profitability of airlines, or the ease of travel, irrespective of danger.

If I owned an airline or a cruise liner, I would probably be weighing up the financial bottom line versus the risks, to others.

But if I was a politician, I would have to consider my re-election chances, above everything else.

One problem that Australia has, is the State governments blocking Federal government and vice versa.

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Australia has a government that is unable

Australian Air Travel Restrictions

6 to 12 months for Airlines to resume flights.

Airlines need 6 to 12 months

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