Australians or Foreign Students as Priority?

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Should Australia prioritise Australians or Foreign Students?

Australia’s Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said the focus had to remain on returning citizens stranded abroad.

International Education Association chief executive Phil Honeywood said that priority should be given to returning international students who through “no fault of their own” have been stranded offshore.

Over 34,0000 citizens and permanent residents are trying to return home from overseas, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Prime Minister wants Australian quarantine facilities to prioritise Citizens returning home.

The NSW Premier wants NSW to use a third of its hotel quarantine slots to take in international students, skilled migrants and other specialist workers. That is about 1,000 people a week out of their 3,000 capacity.
She says that if other states increased their capacity, and had more returning Australians, that would allow New South Wales to bring back students and keep its universities employing people.”

Data from the Department of Home Affairs shows that as at 24 August 2020, 78% of all student visa holders were still in Australia. Only 22% were overseas unable to return. That works out at 524,000 international students living in Australian cities and communities, and about 148,000 stuck in their home countries.

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