Biometrics for 309 Visa

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Do my husband and his son still have to do their biometrics?

I can’t find any info relating that they have to do that on the 309 step by step guide in the Immigration Website.

If they have to do that, can they do that with just the HAP no before they apply for their visa, like the health check or do they have to wait for a letter from the CO after submission of the visa?

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    1. Hi admin

      Yes, I read about that and saw that the 309 and South Africa is included in the Biometrics program but they also say you might have to submit the biometrics. I was just wondering since its not even mentioned in the step by step guide on how to apply on the immi website, is it still needed. I actually wanted to front load the application with that together with the police certificates and health exam results…do you think its better to wait and see if the CO does ask for it or do you think we should just front load it? Is that for the sponsor as well or just for the main applicant and his child that is 16? Did you guys have to do it?

      1. We didn’t need to do biometrics, so I have no personal experience of this.

        VFS South Africa quote the following at

        “Applicants who have applied for their visas will be sent a letter informing them that they need to attend the Australian Biometric Collection Centre in person to provide their biometrics.”
        “One of the requirements for biometric collection is the Biometric requirement letter from the Department of Home Affairs”

        The collection centres appear to be:

        Australian Visa Application Centre
        337 Veale Street, Lobby 2, Ground Floor,
        Brooklyn, Pretoria.

        Australian Visa Application Centre
        1st Floor, Rivonia Village,
        Cnr Rivonia Boulevard and Mutual Road,
        Rivonia, Johannesburg.

        Australian Visa Application Centre
        7th Floor, 2 Long Street
        Cape Town.

        Australian Visa Application Centre
        Unit 101A, First floor, 91-123 Cowey Road (ProblemMkhize)
        Essenwood, Kwa Zulu Natal Durban.

        Australian Biometric Collection Centre
        1st Floor, Moffett on Main, Lifestyle centre,
        c/o 17th Avenue and Main Road, Walmer
        Port Elizabeth.

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