Blood Clot cases in Pfizer Vaccine

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The European Medicines Agency has reported that it’s aware of 25 cases of rare blood clots from people who have had the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Is it possible that all COVID vaccinations, like many other vaccinations, can cause blood clots?

But… compare the risk of COVID problems to vaccination problems.

The UK were up to about 1,000 deaths per day before vaccinations. They are now at about 20 per day, after over half the population have had the first vaccine dose. 33 million have been vaccinated, and that includes almost all of the high risk groups.

There is a report that shows there were 212 fatalities in people who had received the Pfizer vaccine and 244 in those who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

However most deaths were reported in elderly people or people with underlying illness, and did NOT specify the vaccine as a cause of death.

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From reports such as this, it appears that they might be a one on a million chance of a severe blood clot in those being vaccinated.

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