Blood Clot Deaths from Covid-19 Vaccines.

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How dangerous are the COVID-19 vaccines?

According to a UK report, there have been 72 deaths from 49 million vaccine doses, in the UK.

From almost 25 million first vaccine doses, there were 68 people who died from blood clots related to the vaccine.

Another 6 deaths were related to the 24 million second doses.

That is:
2.73 deaths per million first doses
0.25 deaths per million second doses.

In October 2021, the British Heart Foundation reported that in the UK, there had been 423 known cases of blood clots after an estimated 24.9 million first doses , and 24.1 million second doses of the vaccine. Of the 423 people who developed blood clots, 72 died. Six of the deaths occurred after the second dose. Covid Vaccine-derived blood clots seem solvable.

The above report also says that now they know why it happens, they can start to work on a potential solution.

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