Bridging Visa C (BVC)

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What is the Bridging visa C (BVC).

The Bridging visa C (BVC) is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia while another visa is being processed, so that you remain a legal visa holder after your existing visa ends.

A Bridging visa C (BVC) is a temporary visa. It might be granted if you lodge an application in Australia for a substantive visa but you do not already hold a substantive visa.

It allows you to remain lawful in Australia until a final decision is made on your new substantive visa application. A substantive visa is any visa which is not a bridging visa or a criminal justice visa or an enforcement visa.

You will have automatically applied for a BVC if you applied in Australia for a certain type of visa when you were not the holder of a substantive visa.

A BVC does not allow you to return to Australia if you leave.

To be considered for a BVC that lets you work, you will usually have to demonstrate that you are in financial hardship.

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There is no charge for a Bridging visa C.

Bridging visa C – BVC – (subclass 030).

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