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Can we Build Solar Panels in Australia?

Anthony Albanese has said he doesn’t know why we don’t build Solar Panels in Australia. This was on TV this morning.

But he also said the same 6 months ago.

24 Mar 2021 — Everything that goes into a solar panel can be found in Australia – so why don’t we make them here?

Anthony Albanese Solar Panels in Australia

There is a simple answer, and he knows what it is.

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  • We can make Solar Panels in Australia.
  • We do make Solar Panels in Australia.
  • Australian made Solar Panels are more expensive than those made in China.
  • People prefer to buy Cheaper solar panels.

If Anthony Albanese can bring the minimum wage down to match China, then we can compete, and Australia can manufacture solar panels and many other things.

But, while Australian workers get some of the highest wages in the world, there is little chance of manufacturers in Australia being able to produce many things at the “Right Price”.

What solar panels are made in Australia?

Well, here is the list: Tindo Solar…that’s it.

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