Average Australian Property Price March 2022.

Australian Property Median Value.

According to the latest CoreLogic report, the median value of an Australian property, including freestanding homes and units was $738,975 in March 2022.

The Capital City median values were:

  • $1,116,889 Sydney
  • $805,232 Melbourne
  • $749,293 Brisbane
  • $602,717 Adelaide
  • $542,338 Perth
  • $731,849 Hobart
  • $494,635 Darwin
  • $932,704 Canberra

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Surcharges when Foreigner is Buying Property in NSW

Foreign Purchasers of Australian property.

When foreigners purchase property in NSW, they are subject to surcharges in addition to the normal duty payable on property purchases.

These surcharges do not apply to Australian citizens.

They do apply to foreign persons, including foreign individuals, corporations, trusts and governments.

What is a

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Austalian Property Stamp Duty for Foreign Buyers

Australian Property Stamp Duty for Foreign Buyers in 2021.

If you are not an Australian Citizen, or do not hold Permanent residency, you may be treated as a foreign citizen when buying a House in Australia.

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Australian Property Rental Averages 2020

Median Rental Costs in Australia, 2020.

These are the median weekly rental costs for residential accommodation in the major capital cities of Australia, at December 2020.

$550 Houses
$470 Units (Apartments, Town Houses etc)

$440 Houses
$338 Units (Apartments, Town Houses etc)

$425 Houses
$400 Units (Apartments, … Read the rest