House and Unit Rental Costs in Australian Capital Cities 2018

Property Rental costs in Australia December 2018.

Median Property Rental costs in Australia have had changes ranging between a drop of 9.1% (House rents in Darwin), and an increase of 11.8% (Unit rents in Hobart), over the 12 months between December 2017 and December 2018.


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Brisbane Property Rental Costs September 2018

Median Weekly Property Rents for Brisbane in September 2018.

The cost of rent varies a lot depending on the area and the type of Property, with properties in the City CBD fetching higher rents than in the West of Brisbane (Inland).

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Australian Capital City Property Rental Costs December 2017

Median Property Rental Costs in Australian Capital Cities December 2017.

Median House Rental Costs in Australian Cities December 2017.

Sydney House Rental Costs: $550. Up 1.85% from $540 in December 2016
Melbourne House Rental Costs: $425. Up 3.66% from $410 in December 2016
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Brisbane Median rents from 2007 to 2012

The changes in the median rent, for a 3 bedroom detached house, in the Brisbane location between 2007 and 2012

Sep-2012 Dec-2009 Dec-2008 Dec-2007 Localities Rent Rent Rent Rent BRISBANE CITY $400 $370 $360 $330 Bayside $400 $360 $360 $330 Lindum/Lytton/Wynnum $400 $360 $350 $330 Lota/Manly $400 $380 $380 $340
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Median Weekly Rent in Brisbane 3 Bedroom House

Median Weekly Rent in Brisbane for a 3 Bedroom House
as at June 2009

$320 Acacia Ridge $375 Albion $390 Alderley $350 Algester $355 Altandi $400 Annerley $350 Anstead $360 Arana Hills $335 Archerfield $470 Ascot $400 Ashgrove $350 Aspley $475 Auchenflower $335 Bald Hills $450 Ballymore $440 Balmoral $350
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Rent Assistance in Australia

Australian social security benefits include an amount for “Rent Assistance” for those people in financial need.

An example of the current rates for 2009 are:

The Maximum Rent Assistance for a couple with 1 or 2 children is $65.24 per week.
That figure reduces depending on how much rent you … Read the rest