Partner Visas Granted before Student Visa Expires

A few people have mentioned issues regarding getting a Partner visa before their Student Visa expires.

One such example mentioned that they were told by their agent that they can’t even apply until their Student Visa expires. I am not sure if that was an Education Agent with little knowledge … Read the rest

International Student Jailed for Tax Offence.

An international student in Australia, has received a jail sentence after the Australian Taxation Office investigated their activities.

A tip off was received from overseas about his actions.

This led to an investigation and subsequent conviction.

It would be expected that after release from jail, his continued stay in Australia … Read the rest

International Students to Permanent Resident in Australia

How many International Students gain Skilled Permanent Residency in Australia?

Many International Students have the aim to become Australian Permanent Residents.

During 2019-20, the number of these that were granted Australian Permanent Resident visas with one of the skilled visas was 9,992.

Previous years numbers were:

2018-19 grants: 8,210
2017-18 … Read the rest

Australians or Foreign Students as Priority?

Should Australia prioritise Australians or Foreign Students?

Australia’s Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said the focus had to remain on returning citizens stranded abroad.

International Education Association chief executive Phil Honeywood said that priority should be given to returning international students who through “no fault of their own” have been stranded … Read the rest

SA Suspends inbound international flights

South Australia has suspended inbound international flights.

The new COVID-19 cases in South Australia, caused by an international arrival transmitting the virus to a local worker, has caused the suspension of inbound international flights.

This is expected to include the delay of the return of international students to Adelaide.

About … Read the rest

Students coming to Australia – COVID.

More Delays for International Students.

13 November 2020: Mr Morrison has stated that the Australian government will continue to put Australian citizens and permanent residents before other visa holders wanting to come to Australia.

This will result in further delays in bringing overseas students back into Australia.

The PM made … Read the rest

Overseas Students get Priority over Interstate Students?

Are Overseas Students being given Priority over Interstate Students?.

With the news that 300 Overseas Students are being permitted to enter South Australia in September, but domestic students from other Australian states are still refused entry, it raises a few questions.

Federal Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister Simon Birmingham said:… Read the rest

Student Dependent Visa Processing Time

What is the normal processing time for a Student Dependent Visa ?.

Normal processing times can vary depending on the location of the applicant, and on the numbers of applicants at any specific time.

A current notice on one Embassy website is:

Processing times for Student subsequent entrant visa applications Read the rest