COVID in Queensland March 2021

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78 cases of COVID in Queensland.

From the 78 current COVID cases in Queensland, shown at 30th March 2021, there were 71 shown as overseas arrivals.

The remainder appear to be linked to a doctor and a nurse, who became infected recently.

There were only 5 cases in Queensland just over a month ago on the 20th February.  All 5 were overseas arrivals.

New cases between 20th February 2021 and 30th March 2021.

  • 17 new local cases.
  • 118 new international arrival cases.


More statistics at:

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The above chart also shows that Australia has 160 current cases,  with 151 of these being overseas arrivals.

Covid Vaccinations

Australia has vaccinated over 550,000 people at 30 March 2021.

Updated figures can be seen at

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