Deaths in Australia from the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Deaths from the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Clive Palmer has been advertising (in a misleading way) that 210 people have died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and that 24,000 had adverse reactions from the vaccine.

He could equally have said that 161,400 people died in Australia during 2020 after COVID-19 hit the population.

Both ‘numbers’ are true, but not in the way it is being pushed…

Deaths after COVID-19 and the vaccine.

  • 210 people did die after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but only one died because of it.
  • 161,400 people died during 2020, after COVID-19 hit Australia, but only 910 died because of it.

75% of the 210 people who died after getting a vaccine were over 75. Only 7% were under 65.  Over 99% died from causes other than the vaccine, such as old age.

442 people die every day in Australia from all causes.

Adverse reactions from the vaccine.

24,000 had adverse reactions from the vaccine.
I was one, I had a pain in the site of the injection, and a headache. It was the same when I had the flu shot.

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Clive Palmers 210 Deaths figure?

Clive Palmer omitted a very important part from the official TGA statement. It was this: “Only ONE of those deaths was found to have been caused by the Vaccine“.

The TGA report notes that “apart from the single Australian case in which death was linked to TSS (thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome), COVID-19 vaccines have not been found to cause death”.


Official reports show that one person in Australia dies every 3 and 13 seconds on average.

In the year ended 31 December 2020 there were 161,400 deaths, out of a population of 25,694,400.
That is about 442 people that died every day in Australia, in 2020.

6.59 million people have been vaccinated in Australia at 21 June 2021.

If 442 out of 25,694,400 people die every day, how many of those vaccinated would die, from normal events, every day?

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  2. 210 people who got the vaccine dided but only 1 was due to the vaccine? What did the rest die of? Not a coincidence if U ask me

    1. If you read the article correctly, and many other articles, you will see the answer.

      Old age is one possibility.

      442 people die every day in Australia, from normal causes. If ten of those that were going to die anyway, but received the vaccine, why should the actual cause of death become the vaccine? If they had eaten a bar of chocolate that day, instead of having the vaccine, would it be the chocolate that killed them?

      The latest figures are:

      686 reports of deaths possibly linked to vaccines have been reported to the TGA.

      The TGA has found 9 were definitely linked.

      That is from 39 million vaccine doses.

  3. Just want to say – thanks for compiling and summarising the data and findings. There are a lot of comments on here that are misinformed or making bogus claims without providing any references or sources. You’re putting in good effort to try and communicate the facts and statistics, so don’t be too disappointed with the negative responses on here. Some of them obviously have somewhat of a religious belief when it comes to vaccines.

    1. I’ve personally known someone who was against the vaccine, but changed their mind too late. They are no longer with us after catching Covid-19.

      Unfortunately the people who risked catching the virus, rather than vaccinate, risk passing the virus on to others who may die when they catch it.

      It would be OK if they only risked their own lives, but their actions risk others.

  4. you are not telling us the truth i spoke to my friend yesterday two of her friends passed away last week by the jab two days after they died , i have more friends that tell me of people suffering because of these so called vax , start telling the people of australia the truth we are not criminals because of no jab our freedom has been taken from us , more people died in 2019 with the normal flu over 6thousand passed no one cared then , why all this taking of our medical freedom of giving our consent , the governments of australia have destroyed this great nation called australia , we will not let the governments continue to lie and destroy our familys our homes our jobs, no we will stand and stand and stand untill these governments fall , amen

    1. Who is not telling you the truth?

      These figures are similar worldwide. This medical data is being used by governments all over the world, not just Australia.

      For example:

      UK Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths:

      24.9 million first doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca and 24.1 million second doses had been administered.
      428 cases of major thromboembolic events (blood clots) with concurrent thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts) were reported.
      74 resulted in death, six of which occurred after the second dose.

      24.6 million first doses of the COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine and around 20.9 million second doses had been administered.

      An approximate 1.5 million first doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna and approximately 1.3 million second doses have also now been administered.

      1. More people chose to get vaccinated for the Flu following the high number of deaths in 2019.

        2020: 18 million vaccinated with 36 deaths.
        2019: 13.2 million vaccinated with 902 deaths.
        2018: 11 million vaccinated with 148 deaths.
        2017: 8.3 million vaccinated with 1,181 deaths.

        So far, 20.2 million in Australia have been vaccinated with one of the Covid-19 Vaccines. Higher than the rate for flu vaccines last year.

  5. Dear admin,
    lets just look at the Australian bureau of statistics. We have had 8,100 less deaths in 2020 than 2019.
    Every year with the exception of 2004 and 2005 which had the same death rate, every year the death rate has decreased.
    also, when someone died with covid it does not mean that covid killed them it simply means they had Covid at the time. I say this because in comment responses you have said that vaccine deaths are not caused by vaccines because the death was from some other cause and it’s a coincidence that the person was vaccinated. Absolute rubbish.
    also the viral load of vaccinated and unvaccinated is the same and the passing of or contraction of covid is occurring in all people. Recent research from Israel, Ireland, India, Sweden, the UK are all saying exactly that.
    mid you ask me for verified data then you are not doing your job because it is easy to find.
    The biggest eye opener are our own statistics that show the death rate in australia has actually gone down.
    and regarding vaccine deaths I personally know 2, of vaccine injured I know 6, had Covid and recovered with no issues 10. And that’s just in the last few months. Do I personally know anyone who died from or with covid, no I don’t and I have been visiting an aged care facility for the last 2 years and not one of the deaths there were from or with covid.
    just because you don’t want to believe these untested vaccines are safe is no reason to ignore the facts and the abs is pretty transparent.

    1. It is definitely curious.

      The ABS report also states:
      The number of deaths registered in 2020 (161,300) is similar to the average number of deaths recorded for 2015-2019 (161,252).

      The later figures show:

      In 2021, 85,392 deaths occurred by 31 July and were registered by 30 September. Counts of deaths were above historical averages.

      If that continued, it could be about 170,000 deaths for 2021. About 10,000 higher than the 5 year average.

  6. The American VAERS system says 2800 people have died from the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine – ie within 24 hours of taking the vaccine I think is the definition

    But lets face it the Covid deaths were grossly inflated by counting any one who died within 4 weeks of being diagnosed with Covid – and initially anyone who looked like they might have Covid

    1. Fact checking that, you can find that it actually talks about those who die after getting the vaccine, not from the vaccine. People still die of other causes, whether being vaccinated or not. About 8,000 people die every day in the US, from all causes.

      The CDC estimates that from the about 1.3 million COVID-19 vaccine doses that were administered to residents in long-term care facilities as of Jan. 18, 2021, there would be about 11,400 normal deaths in that group.

      Note this statement:
      In the US, the VAERS collects reports of adverse effects in patients following vaccination but it does not show whether those adverse effects were caused by a vaccine. The death of a one-year-old included in the data could not have been caused by a vaccine for COVID-19, as the child had not received one.

      The specific story about the 2,800 ended with the statement: “In the end, Ruby feels that this was all “premeditated murder, paced out, to keep the public from overthrowing authorities” and to “keep the sheep” coming in “to get their shots.”

      Obviously with that being in the US, it explains why no deaths from Pfizer/Moderna are not reported in Australia. The Australian government is not committing “premeditated murder to keep the public from overthrowing authorities”.

  7. The Australian government and medical system seems to insist that vaccines are safe but I have seen some people in my life have horrible reactions to the vaccine and I can not quite figure out why everyone thinks the immune system is fortified by stimulus when in reality it is fortified with fuel aka vegetation.

    1. It is actually the worlds medical systems that are deaming them to be safe, not just the Australian government, who, it must be noted, are acting on the medical advice.

      If doctors had been refusing to take the vaccine, then I too would be concerned about vaccines.

      1. I personally do not trust or believe the information provided from major pharmaceutical companies or the world health organization to be accurate. I believe doctors are merely doing their job (what they are told) and my health conviction comes from personal experience as I underwent a maturing Astrocytoma brain tumor for eighteen years since infancy which is extremely rare and its basically a bench mark for disease. I can confirm for anyone that has any real interest in maintaining their health and integrity, your best chances of survival are through Veganism and calisthenics. This information will never be provided to you through the western medical system ever, period.

        1. Do you know how many?

          Most doctors are recommending the vaccine so it would seem odd if they are losing their jobs by not doing what they recommend.

        2. A couple of news reports about workers in hospitals.

          More than 100 staff at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
          That’s just 1 per cent of the total workforce. Women’s and Children’s Hospital CEO Lindsay Gough said the staff worked in a range of roles and some were on maternity leave. And also said “I am not aware of any doctors who have turned down vaccines“.

          Doctors back mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for health workers.

          The Australian Medical Association has been concerned by the number of frontline workers infected with COVID-19, and wants mandatory vaccinations in hospitals to prevent any more clusters at vital medical facilities.

          Can you show us the link to the doctors who are refusing?

          1. Why then are hospitals saying they are short staffed? The statement above “That’s just 1 per cent of the total workforce.” sure if you count cleaners and office staff and grounds people etc. Now just do Medical!

            1. Their figures include all staff, because all staff are important.

              The info for just medical staff is not easy to find, but talking to a nurse recently, most doctors have no issues with getting the vaccine. It seems that the ancillary staff are more against the vaccine, rather than medical staff.

              Why are the hospitals short staffed? That is an issue that has been ongoing since before COVID-19, and of course made worse in some states by Covid-19 itself. This is an early 2020 report on that,

              I know that Queensland is short staffed. Some ambulances run with just a driver, no extra staff. And Queensland does not even have a COVID-19 problem yet! We have 12 active cases, with 9 in hospital, but none in ICU. Yet there is still a severe staff shortage. There were 8 backed up ambulances at emergency the other day, at my local hospital, with 3 hour wait times for newly arriving patients.

              Victoria is very different, with 568 in hospital and 96 in ICU. That is from their 16,413 active cases.

  8. What a pitiful use of statistics.
    The reason there was so many deaths in 2020 was because the Andrews Government allowed covid to run amok in Aged care and refused to allow the most effective medical treatment.
    What a disgraceful, partisan article. That is not journalism, that is propaganda.

    1. And in your expert opinion what was the most effective medical treatment?

      Which statistics do you consider to be propaganda?

      I do agree that state governments have had very different results based on how they handled lockdowns and border closures etc.

      Since the start of 2020:

      1,122 Covid linked deaths in Victoria with 86,590 local cases.

      7 Covid linked deaths in Queensland from 562 local cases.

      The TGA has confirmed 9 reports of death that were all linked to immunisation from the first dose of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) – 8 were TTS cases and one was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).

      These were from the approximately 12.9 million doses of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) that have been administered.

      There have been no deaths from the 21.5 million doses of the other COVID-19 vaccines that have been administered.

      1. 1000ish deaths. Most of them probably fatties or oldies, anyhow. Worth ruining millions of peoples freedom over? Or violating their physical being with experimental (NO PROOF OF LONG TERM SAFETY) mRNA?

        I reckon it’s bullshit that we are even considering giving this experimental crud to anyone under 50, let alone more than 50% of the population. What kind of result will come from jabbing more than 50% of people with something you have no proof of long term safety, if some unforeseen side effect occurs? If everyone goes sterile or something? Or gets cancer or some other diseases en masse?

        People under 50 who aren’t overweight seem not to be very much at risk of any major symptoms, let alone death. There’s millions of us, and they’re shutting down everything cos of 1000ish deaths? What the heck. This is not warranted. I don’t care what corrupt (and previously wrong, look into what was said about AIDs in the past) Dr Fauci or W.H.O has to say, or wicked, ccp-money handling bastards like Daniel dictator Andrews.

        This is disgusting. The ”vaccine”, an experimental, mRNA, that has no proof of long term safety, and doesn’t even stop the spread, or people getting it. It ”stops symptoms!” but it doesn’t, and those symptoms are the same ones that supposedly something like 99.98% of us might not even show.

        This is akin to terrorism, I think. But kind of a corporate terrorism. I call these bastards bigpharmadotgov and they’re only a handful of bastards. And all the people below them, stabbing themselves in the arm with experimental mRNA, they’re often good people, kinda. But they’re definitely brainwashed, or they know something is up but they just want to hold their own.

        Heck, even if 10000 fatties and oldies died from this disease, noone would notice. It’s not worth ruining all of everyones future over. Because if you let covid go rampant, even worldwide, the 10million or so dead would barely be noticed, and even if it was 100 million, NOONE WOULD NOTICE.
        This is corpo-government fascism and terrorism. And you lot need to stand up.

        1. You say no one would notice their deaths.

          You obviously do not care about the families of those who have died.

          I therefore would not consider your views. You need to look at both sides.

          If my brother had taken the vaccine, being otherwise healthy, he may have stood a better chance of still being alive.

          There are many news stories of those in ICU asking for the vaccine at the last minute.

          We make our individual choices, sometimes too late.

          I personally have no issue with you refusing the vaccine.

          I have an issue with people telling me that I am wrong to trust a vaccine. Especially one where 7.3 billion doses have been given worldwide.

  9. I’d like to know the details regarding the rate of transmission among vaccinated people compared to unvaccinated?

    I tried searching it a month back and seemed to come across two main quotes from people in the CDC; One saying transmission isn’t reduced at all and another one saying it’s reduced by up to a factor of 5.

    Is any reduction in transmission among the vaccinated due to a reduction of symptoms like coughing etc? Or is there something else to it?

    1. Finding completely accurate figures does appear difficult. But most reports from around the world do seem to confirm that there is a difference overall.

      I am thinking that it could be due to the shorter infectious period of the vaccinated, compared to the longer period for others.

      An example could be that the vaccinated might be just as infectious for 1 day, as a non vaccinated might be for 5 days. This would fill both criteria of your findings. “Equally infectious but 5 times shorter”.

  10. Also, how the unvaccinated be blamed for higher spreading rates when from a couple of days ago the latest hotspot in NSW is a gym, where ONLY the VACCINATED are allow to go?

    1. The vaccinated can catch Covid too, although at smaller rates.

      The report is this:
      NSW Health revealed on Wednesday that 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 either attended City Gym, Darlinghurst, while infectious or acquired their infection at the venue,”

      City Gym opened for the fully vaccinated since 11 October 2021.

      It will be interesting to see how this happened once the full details are available.

      On the same day this was reported.

      As of today it is now illegal to present a fake proof of vaccination when attempting to enter venues in NSW.

    2. On the 30th September 2021, of the COVID-19 cases in Victorian hospitals, 76 per cent were unvaccinated, 19 per cent were partially vaccinated and five per cent were fully vaccinated.

      Another report says that two-thirds of Victoria’s new Covid-19 cases every day are unvaccinated. That is similar to the above.

      This indicates that, on the larger scale, only 5 from each 100 cases is fully vaccinated.

      And with 12,000 cases in the last week, there will be some unusual groups.

      On the above figures, about 600 cases will be fully vaccinated, with 11,400 not fully vaccinated.

    1. The latest report says 9 deaths.

      Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 10 October 2021, over 30.7 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. So far, the TGA has found 9 reports of death that were linked to immunisation from 597 reports received and reviewed. The overwhelming majority of deaths reported to the TGA following vaccination occurred in people aged 65 years and older.

  11. The Admin here is a purely paid shill for big pharma, Ignoring the draconian Nazi like censorship of conflicting science and sticking to the “gravy train” science which propagates the negative aspects and ignores the 99.96% recovery rate from your OWN immune system…
    And then there’s the Ivermectin conversation which will probably get this comment censored…

    1. It is interesting that you feel that someone must be getting paid when they agree with the majority of scientists and doctors.

      You ignore that it might be partially related to the deaths of unvaccinated relatives.

      The mention of Ivermectin, as a reason to censure is a puzzle.

      It is always good to clarify all points.

      Ivermectin is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic agent, included in WHO essential medicines list for several parasitic diseases. It is used in the treatment of onchocerciasis (river blindness), strongyloidiasis and other diseases caused by soil transmitted helminthiasis. It is also used to treat scabies

      World Health Organisation. The current evidence on the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients is inconclusive. Until more data is available, WHO recommends that the drug only be used within clinical trials.


      Westmead Hospital in Sydney’s west says it has treated a patient who overdosed after taking the drug ivermectin, an unproven and potentially dangerous treatment for COVID-19.

      The person went to hospital seeking treatment for diarrhoea and vomiting side-effects, after taking the drug, which is usually used to treat parasites. The person had ordered this and other unproven COVID “cures” online.

      No reason to censore ALL the facts where possible.

      1. Where exactly do you get your ‘facts’ from? Google?
        You’re saying that the WHO said Ivermectins use in treating covid is inconclusive and is only recommend to be used in clinical trials 🤔 Ummmmm we are all in the biggest clinical trials right now with an experimental dangerous injection which should have been stopped months ago. It was made within 10 months and rolled out onto the world after having no clinical trials done on it accept for 59 people. They trialed it on animals but they all died instantly or within a few weeks yet they decided to inject it into us humans anyway.
        The WHO are up there with the other corrupt big corporations and cannot be trusted.
        I have seen evidence from doctors that have used ivermectin on people with covid and they recovered within 48 hours.
        The only reason it’s been removed is because it’s cheap and effective. That’s no good to big pharma because they won’t make enough money out of it. They want us either dead or sick for life so we rely on the medications they produce and they keep making money.
        The system is so corrupt and no one cares about our health because they don’t make money out of healthy people!!
        Connect the dots, follow the money snd wake up!
        You’re a journalist aren’t you? Aren’t journalists supposed to research facts before writing stories?
        Do your job and start reporting the REAL facts and truths instead of promoting this lie.
        All you current journalists have no credibility anymore. Once this is over so will be your career. You should be ashamed of yourself!

        1. Mrs Awake

          You do realise that you are contradicting yourself?

          You say: “Also do you know that you can’t treat a virus”.
          And you say: “I have seen evidence from doctors that have used ivermectin on people with covid and they recovered within 48 hours.”

          Thinking of trying Ivermectin for COVID? Here’s what can happen with this controversial drug..

          Sydney experts explain that side-effects range from vomiting and diarrhoea to seizures and a coma.

          Organisations that recommend against it include: the World Health Organization, Australia’s National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce and NPS Medicinewise, the United State’s Food and Drug Administration, and the Cochrane Library.

        2. These are US figures, but it costs about $19.50 for the Pfizer vaccine and about $20000 USD per hospitalization, plus the ongoing medication and treatment costs. eg, a single Tylenol pill can cost USD $15.Even if every unvaccinated patient hospitalized with COVID-19 was treated with just nine $15 Tylenol pills, the vaccines would save money. Overall, the cost of a COVID-19 hospitalization is 150 times more expensive than vaccination. Tell us again how they’re trying to make money from the vaccines. Real facts. Lol.

    2. You say that Covid-19 has a 99.96% recovery rate from your OWN immune system.

      If 99.96% recovered without the aid of medication, vaccines etc., there should be almost zero deaths.

      From Victoria’s 59,710 cases,
      59,686 (99.96%) would naturally recover, leaving just 24 cases to either die, or be saved by medication or vaccination etc.

      Yet 945 have died.

      Were does the Covid-19 99.96% recovery rate from your OWN immune system come from?

      This might be worth reading.

    3. And who gave you incontrovertible proof of that? Does aggressive hysterical hyperbole strengthen or weaken your position in a calm interchange or a discussion. Fact check THAT.

    4. These are US figures, but it costs about $19.50 for the Pfizer vaccine and about $20000 USD per hospitalization, plus the ongoing medication and treatment costs. eg, a single Tylenol pill can cost USD $15.Even if every unvaccinated patient hospitalized with COVID-19 was treated with just nine $15 Tylenol pills, the vaccines would save money. Overall, the cost of a COVID-19 hospitalization is 150 times more expensive than vaccination. Tell us again how they’re trying to make money from the vaccines.

  12. Some statistics from, showing why vaccination works.

    2020 cases: 20,376
    2021 cases: 34,243

    2020 deaths: 820
    2021 deaths: 93

    13,867 more cases in 2021 yet 89% less deaths.

    Death rate
    2020: 1 in 26
    2021: 1 in 368

    1. Stop going on about cases because they mean nothing.
      Clearly you haven’t done any proper research and are only relying on the government fabricated statistics.
      The person that developed the PCR test, a very smart man named Kary Mullis said in an interview that it was never designed to detect one type of illness. It was never designed to detect covid.
      Did you know that the tests are being run at over 40 cycles which will detect anything including dead cells in your body and show up as positive? They tested a goat and a papaya and it showed up as being positive to covid. These PCR tests should only be ran at a cycle of 20 NOT 40!
      Did you know that covid has never been isolated so how do they know what they’re looking for in these tests?
      All these variants are made up lies and there’s no proof they exist or tell the difference.
      Also do you know that you can’t treat a virus. Have you ever been to the doctor with a virus and they’ve said to you we can’t give you anything, just go home and rest? So tell me how does this experimental poison vaccine work to treat this so called virus?
      Tell me why so many vaccinated people are sick in hospital?
      Why are vaccinated people scared of the un-vaxxed, they should be protected right?
      And tell me why we are all constantly being told to go out and get tested when we don’t have any symptoms? They are looking for cases so they can keep the fear mongering agenda going, keep people living in fear.
      There is no logic in any of this! I can’t believe so many people have fallen for this nonsense. Too many people lack commonsense. Maybe this is why they want to depopulate the world, it’s to get rid of the stupid and gullible.
      Yet, I get called a conspiracy theorist because I think logically and can see through the bullshit and scam this is 🙄

  13. Ok to start with your figures are incorrect as at todays date 8/10/2021. The official death toll to COVID 19 is 898 according to the ABS. It also states that 72% of reported deaths had previously existent “chronic health issues” and as such cannot be classified as dying from COVID19 but died from chronic illness and just happened to have the virus at the time of death. So that reduces the actual mortality to around 250 due to COVID19.
    By the way deaths from Influenza are reported to be 2,287. So where are the lockdowns and pushed vaccines for influenza??

      1. Oh wake up!!! There was no flu because they changed its name to covid!!!!
        It’s not because people had the flu shot. By the way, the flu shot has had many years of testing and trials but this experimental poison vaccine has had none and they are doing the trials now on every single person they can including kids who have zero chance of getting covid.
        You need to give up and stop defending this shit. You’re clearly a paid off puppet sitting behind your computer writing lies that you’ve been told to write.
        Just remember that no one trusts if believes you journalists anymore. You’re making a complete fool out of yourself aye 😂
        Crimes against humanity 2021

    1. When you talk about “previously existent chronic health issues”, I do tend to agree with you in general, but one big thing sticks in my mind. My brother and I both had the same chronic health issue. He contracted Covid-19 and died, he was not vaccinated. I am vaccinated, haven’t contracted Covid-19 and am still alive.

      My own experience complicates my general thinking. However, some with chronic health issues, where death is imminent, should not be classed as a Covid-19 death.

    2. You can’t just arbitrarily say that anyone with a pre existing disease died from that disease. They need to investigate and determine the actual cause if death. If you have AIDS and then get pneumonia then die, what was the cause of death? AIDS or pneumonia? Nearly every case I’ve read about in the papers lists the cause of death as pneumonia with complications due to AIDS. But now they’re saying that Covid-19 had nothing to do with it, that it is all the preexisting problem? So if I’ve been fighting cancer for a year, covid and die a week later my cause of death will be cancer?
      Seems dodgy.

    1. If I thought that, I would refuse to take it, and accept dying from the higher instances of Covid-19 instead.

      Fortunately no one can be forced to take it. They have the choice to go with the higher risk of dying from Covid-19.

      Unfortunately though, they are also choosing to risk getting Covid-19 and spreading it to others, possibly “killing” an innocent victim in the process.

      1. But, vaccinated people have caught the disease and it has been stated that they could transmit it. So if you get vaccinated and can still catch it and pass it on then what difference does it make?

        the only difference i can see is that the vaccinated person might not die, which means its a personal choice and doesn’t effect anyone but you.

        1. There are 2 differences.

          Statistics are showing that the vaccinated have a lower rate of catching it, and transmitting it on.

          When infected with the delta variant, a given contact was 65 percent less likely to test positive if the person from whom the exposure occurred was fully vaccinated with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine

          Being unvaccinated affects the person, and anyone else that they might transmit it to.

      2. I really appreciate how reasonable you’ve been in this article and in the comments. But here, I can’t agree that no one’s been forced to take the vaccine.

        It depends on what you mean by “force” but broadly speaking government compulsion is an ultimatum; to comply or to have wealth/freedom confiscated from you in retrubution (fines, gaol time etc).

        I’m no political major, but I think the ultimatum of getting inoculated or being disallowed to engage with society and having your livelihood revoked fits pretty damn square in those goal posts.

        Maybe it’s not quite as bad as prison in a lot of circumstances. But to say “you’re not being forced, you’ll just have the most meaningful aspects of your life stripped away from you if you refuse” seems like a pretty cognitively dissonant and scary attitude towards it.

        Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather be paying off a fine for the rest of my life than be banned from going to the pub, playing gigs and working my job

        1. Recent events have shown that there has been a change in some State governments, and businesses, to now insist on vaccinated employees.

          There has been talk about legal repercussions against an unvaccinated person causing the death of others.

          This has been discussed for many years. An interesting article here

          In some respects it is not a new policy.

          The Australian “No Jab No Pay Policy” was introduced in 2015, and expanded in July 2018.

          The current situation is affecting more people this time.

        2. Australia is not alone in this change.

          Snippets of examples of some countries’ vaccine mandates, from this full article: updated 8 October 20210

          Australia decided in late June to make vaccinations mandatory for high-risk aged-care workers and employees in quarantine hotels.

          It is mandatory for care home workers in England to have vaccinations from October.

          Canada will place unvaccinated federal employees on unpaid leave and require COVID-19 shots for air, train and ship passengers.

          COSTA RICA
          Authorities in Costa Rica said on Sept. 28 all state workers will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19, making it one of the first countries in Latin America to impose a coronavirus vaccination mandate. read more

          A “no jab, no job” coronavirus policy went into effect in Fiji on Aug. 15, AFP reported, with unvaccinated public servants forced to go on leave.

          All healthcare and care home workers, home aids and urgent care technicians must have had at least their first shot of a COVID-19 vaccine by Sept. 15.

          Greece on July 12 made vaccinations mandatory for nursing home staff with immediate effect and healthcare workers from September.

          Hungary’s government has decided to make vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers.

          The world’s fourth most populous country made inoculations mandatory in February,

          The Italian government made it obligatory for all workers either to show proof of vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from infection.

          Kazakhstan will introduce mandatory vaccinations or weekly testing for people working in groups of more than 20.

          Lebanon is to limit entry to restaurants, cafes, pubs and beaches to people holding vaccine certificates or those who have taken antibody tests.

          Malta banned visitors from entering the country from July 14 unless they were fully vaccinated.

          The small South Pacific island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia has mandated that its adult population be inoculated against COVID-19.

          The Dutch government announced on Sept. 14 it will introduce a “corona” pass showing proof of vaccination to go to bars, restaurants, clubs or cultural events.

          Moscow city authorities on June 16 ordered all workers with public-facing roles to be vaccinated against COVID-19

          SAUDI ARABIA
          In May, Saudi Arabia mandated that all public and private sector workers wishing to attend a workplace get vaccinated

          SRI LANKA
          Sri Lanka announced on Aug. 13 that citizens would require vaccination cards to travel between provinces and in public spaces as of Sept. 15,

          Swiss people will need to show a COVID-status certificate to enter bars, restaurants and fitness centres in Switzerland from Sept. 13,

          Turkey will begin requiring negative COVID-19 test results and proofs of vaccination for some sectors, including from teachers

          Turkmenistan is making vaccination mandatory for all residents aged 18 and over.

          President Joe Biden on Sept. 10 ordered all federal workers and contractors to be vaccinated,

      3. An innocent victim? You mean someone’s who been vaccinated? Aren’t they all innocent? If they are reaching 90% of all people with there vaccinations why do they need to make it mandatory at all? Surely they’ve reached herd immunity goals and can leave people free to make up there own minds. Free being the key word here. If 90% are vaccinated and the vaccines efficacy is say 90% which I think we have been shown it’s not. Then by weight of numbers you are just as likely to catch covid from a vaccinated person as an unvaccinated. In reality you are more likely to catch from a vaccinated person. But with all states opening borders shortly only to double vaccinated people I think proof will be in the pudding as to how quickly it spreads from VIC and NSW to the rest of Australia

        1. An innocent victim? You mean someone’s who been vaccinated? Aren’t they all innocent?
          Not all, (in the intended meaning). There are some people with Covid-19 who are still prepared to mix with others, and don’t care who catches it.

          Those that do then get infected, need not have been.

          1. Your telling me an unvaccinated person who realises they have covid won’t isolate? I would think a more likely scenario would be someone who’s fully vaccinated not realising they have covid because they falsely believe they are somehow immune to it now, going out and about in the community.

            1. There are a lot of people, both vaccinated and not, that think they don’t have Covid. Some say that Covid-19 does not even exist, it is just the flu, therefore a vaccine is not needed. Maybe if there was not such a plethora of those articles, the more realistic ones would be taken more seriously.

  14. Vaccine apartheid in Australia whether proposed by governments or various commercial and not-for profits serves no good point. And if there is no point, then they are an infringement on basic human rights. e.g. Sweden, where is natural immunity , had very little rise as Delta struck. Covid madness is gone.

    1. Not sure what you mean by “Vaccine apartheid”.

      You say vaccines serve no good point. Other than cutting down on the numbers who die, or suffer serious illness from COVID-19?

      1. I think he he means segregation, discrimination, apartheid. Just like the US a few decades ago. Only vaccinated people can earn a living or go to the club or shop for food. That kind of thing, not really a country i wand to live in.

        1. Australia has done this before, as have many countries, with various contact diseases.
          eg: “Shunning and separation has been the most common way to deal with lepers throughout history. Australia’s approach was no different.”

          The current situation is different, in that proof of infection is not needed. Just the risk of higher infection possibility.

          It appears, from what I have read, that it is only a short term thing though, with NSW opening up to unvaccinated just a few weeks after the vaccinated opening.

        2. Not all of Australia is the same, and it isn’t as bad as some say it is.

          NSW for example: If you live in Greater Sydney and are not fully vaccinated and it is not reasonably practicable for you to work from home, you can go to work, so long as it is not at a business re-opening at 70%. So, for many of the 5 million of the 8.2 million in NSW, they can go to work if it is not practical to work from home. If the business itself is allowed to open.

          I have noticed that finding accurate information on what is and isn’t allowed is now getting harder.

  15. Researchers are currently testing 104 COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials on humans, and 35 have reached the final stages of testing. 

    Australia has authorised only 3 of these for use in Australia.

    Other countries have authorised 11 different vaccines for use.

  16. I would advise watching the research, Drs and Scientists have delivered to the FDA in America. They overwhelmingly voted 16-2 against booster vaccines rollout and have raised compelling evidence to suggest the vaccines are not our best option and in-fact in some instances, killing more then they save. My question is why aren’t we globally looking at early treatments as priority regardless of how that looks.

    1. FDA Panel Says Yes to COVID Boosters — But Only for Some..

      In an 18-0 vote, the FDA endorsed the extra booster (3rd) shot for those most at risk from the virus.

      An F.D.A. panel said anyone 65 and over or at high risk of severe Covid should get boosters, but overwhelmingly recommended against approving a Pfizer booster for everyone 16 and older.

      The panel rejected — by a vote of 16-2 — boosters for nearly everyone, with members citing a lack of safety data on extra doses and raising doubts about the value of mass boosters, rather than ones targeted to specific groups.

      We’re being asked to approve this as a three-dose vaccine for people 16 years of age and older, without any clear evidence if the third dose for a younger person when compared to an elderly person is of value,” said committee member Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

      People at high-risk of exposure at work, such as health care workers and teachers, will likely also be eligible for a booster dose.

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it was considering boosters for older people, nursing home residents and frontline healthcare workers, rather than all adults.

    2. You ask “why aren’t we globally looking at early treatments

      They have been, with billions of dollars already spent, but not getting far enough. 316 trials cost an estimated $6 billion.

      Most repurposed drugs haven’t panned out as coronavirus treatments despite some tantalizing hints they might. Now, scientists have insight into one reason why drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and about 30 others don’t work in people even though they stop SARS-CoV-2 from infecting cells in lab dishes (SN: 8/2/2020). It’s all connected to a particular side effect of the drugs. A potentially serious side effect called phospholipidosis, being one.

      Currently, at least 33 drugs are being tested in 136 clinical trials.

      Another 180 trials were devoted to hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, but failed to block the coronavirus’s preferred route of entry and don’t help patients.

    3. I can’t find much on COVID-19 vaccines killing more people than they save.

      I did find this though:

      An article shared more than 7,500 times online has claimed “FDA experts” revealed in a recorded meeting that COVID-19 vaccines kill more people than they save. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told Reuters these claims were false – and that the individual who made them was not a member of the agency.

      It seems that Steve Kirsch made the initial reports, in a video clip about the 16-2 vote against the booster shots. But did not bother to mention the FDA voted 18-0 in favour of booster shots where needed.
      Fact Checked as Wrong

      A man who promotes himself as an entrepreneur and technology expert made a COVID-19 claim that drew wide attention on Facebook and elsewhere:

      “Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves.”

      That’s not accurate.

      Steve Kirsch made the claim in a presentation he gave during the public comment period of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration committee meeting on Sept. 17; he had tweeted out a slide show of his presentation three days earlier.

      This article is interesting:

    Weekly updates from the UK government Yellow Card system are showing further Adverse reactions to the 3 most commonly used vaccines.

    Interestingly, the UK government is now updating its vaccine labels to report new, confirmed adverse reactions, some more severe than others, which have been proven medically and scientifically as the months have rolled on.

    It goes without saying that the more evidence received, the easier it becomes to make these determinations. It can only be a good thing. And interestingly too, I believe it creates more trust in both the Government and the science.

    In Australia however, our government has been less than forthcoming about so many things, creating more distrust than anything else in my opinion. This began with the vaccine rollout, when our government classified individuals into groups who would allegedly be vaccinated early in the rollout, purportedly to keep the deaths from Covid to a minimum.

    As an immunocompromised person, for example, I was supposed to be in the 1B selection process – yet, here I am in October still waiting for Vaccination in my regional area.

    Why? Because when Bookings opened 6 -7 months ago, it transpired that there WAS NO WAY to add Medical issues to the Booking register. Rather it was devised so that only Date of Birth could be noted, at which time, I and thousands of others were told we did not qualify for Pfizer, and to immediately book AZ.

    We then a few months later had the PM rush through overnight law/legislation to protect Australian GPs from being “sued” by individuals and/or families who received Vaccination and suffered either small reactions, major adverse reactions, and/or death.

    This immediately looked suspicious, as the UK and US governments had NOT done the same, yet had more experience with the vaccinations, along with more rigorous reporting of any/all side effects, ranging from soreness at the injection site, to facial paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and of course death.

    On top of that mistake, we saw the AMA give statements as to their incredulity about the new legislation protecting doctors, as they stated, lawsuits against doctors are rare in Australia because of the high costs involved, and the legal protections already in place.

    In other words, they could not believe that the Morrison government had chosen to go down that path, allegedly without input from the AMA.

    As time wore on, suddenly the NSW Government stopped giving as much information on deaths allegedly due to the Vaccine, and certainly no real knowledge of new Adverse, Severe reactions have been reported for quite some time.

    Again, these actions appear to erode trust.

    In between times, we were all subjected to alternating views on who should get what vaccine, age cohorts were added and dropped within days of announcement, further adding to fear and mistrust.

    What concerned me personally was the large numbers of doctors and nurses who told myself and my family members that they were refusing to be vaccinated until it became mandatory, as they “didn’t trust ” the rushed Vaccines.

    Obviously their statements became verified when innocent hospital patients treated in Sydney hospitals, suddenly became infected with Delta due to unvaccinated staff working while sick with Covid.

    In the past four days, in my family anyway, trust has further eroded with the vaccines.

    My son-in-law’s father was taken by ambulance to hospital last Sunday with slight concussion after a fall in the garden, was able to communicate with the ambulance officers transporting him, laughing at his own silliness for not being more careful – and died less than 48 hours later.

    The hospital has told the family, it now appears the cause of death was vaccine related, something we found hard to believe initially, as his second dose of AZ had been a month previously.

    However, after further discussion with the doctor involved, and others at the hospital, the second dose can show more severe adverse reaction than the first. The man who died was 73 but according to the hospital, he showed no signs of his previous Cancer, heart problems or anything related to the fall.

    My own husband, then remembered the conversation he’d had after his second AZ dose two weeks ago, at a GP. He’d forgotten as he was just so happy to be double vaccinated, but was told …”if in four weeks time you get a headache that won’t go away within a couple of hours, call an ambulance and get straight to hospital. Don’t hesitate under any circumstances”.

    One can only assume that there are a number of people suffering serious adverse reactions, not in the previously advertised time-frame of one to two days, but weeks later.

    In my opinion, this information should not be withheld publicly. It should be reported in the media so that everyone is aware.

    Last night, I received a call about another friend, in his 50s . He’s now on life support after what appears to be the same type of event as my son-in-law’s father.

    Two in four days. And yet, deaths in hospital are all attributed (well 90% are) to “underlying conditions” , which too is becoming a huge source of frustration to the public.

    I’m sure that most people in the world, but particularly in our own country, where information is less than forthcoming, would be more accepting of the issues surrounding Vaccines IF they were kept informed by those we trust to provide truthful information.

    But that’s just my opinion

    1. According to your link the UK has given 93,765,322 vaccinations so far, at 30 Sept 2021.

      The yellow card report states that over 136,023 people across the UK have died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

      It also says that for AstraZeneca, after about 48 million doses, the overall case fatality rate was 72 deaths, six of which occurred after the second dose.

      Many suspected ADRs reported on a Yellow Card do not have any relation to the vaccine or medicine and it is often coincidental that they both occurred around the same time.

    2. 100% agree that full information would give everyone more trust, when you said:

      I’m sure that most people in the world, but particularly in our own country, where information is less than forthcoming, would be more accepting of the issues surrounding Vaccines IF they were kept informed by those we trust to provide truthful information.

      It is often also the WAY they say things that can cause confusion.

  18. Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 19 September 2021, approximately 24.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given.

    So far, the TGA has found that 9 reports of deaths were linked to immunisation from 556 reports received and reviewed.

    The overwhelming majority of deaths reported to the TGA following vaccination occurred in people aged 65 years and older.

    The deaths linked to immunisation occurred after the first dose of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) – 8 were TTS cases and one was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).

    From the 24.8 million doses, just over 61,000 possible vaccine side effects have been reported. The most frequently reported include injection-site reactions such as a sore arm, and more general symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, fever and chills.

    997.5 people out of every 1,000 vaccinated, did NOT report any side effects.

  19. It appears that the TGA is very quick to report on the number of deaths after receiving Covid-19 however they are not reporting the number who died because of it and not some under lying illness. When it comes to the vaccine deaths they it appears everyone except one died of an underlying illness. Hard to believe and not the vaccine. Honesty goes along way but lets not get the truth in the way of a good story.

    1. Not sure why the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) would even report any deaths from Covid-19 cases.

      They only get involved in vaccine deaths.

      Doctors and Coroners normally do the death certificates.

      The ABS in late 2020 has stated that “72.7% of people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing chronic conditions certified on the death certificate.
      There were further deaths where an individual died with COVID-19 but it was not the underlying cause of death.

      Reports often mention the numbers who died with Covid-19, and if they had underlying conditions.

      It would be useful if these numbers were more accurate.

      NSW did produce some interesting numbers recently.

      Of the 472 people who were in ICU, between 1 March 2021 and 11 September 2021,
      9 were fully vaccinated.
      463 were not fully vaccinated.

      They also said:
      The majority of the fully vaccinated deaths were in people who had serious other health conditions.

      1. The median age of a covid death before vaccinations was 78 with 4 or more underlying conditions. The median age for fully vaccinated deaths is 85 with 5 or more underlying conditions. The deaths have nearly all come from elderly with underlying conditions. Look up the covid deaths in Aus from nursing homes. Also look into all the young covid deaths. Search for each one individually you’ll find nearly all the young deaths are from other causes. Still labeled a covid death on our registrar. When the government has been blatantly hyping the covid death numbers from the start people are going to naturally be a little sceptical about there agenda. As for vaccination deaths what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander yeah?

  20. If 442 people die every day, then why destroy businesses and lives, increase suicides and countless other damages to our youth with pointless lockdowns, over a virus that has only caused two days worth of deaths over the last two years?

    1. Presumably to try to ensure the numbers of deaths are not higher, if nothing was done.

      The restrictions that have been in place have presumably kept the numbers of deaths down.
      I can’t see your logic that the deaths would have stayed the same with no restrictions. You call them pointless lockdowns, others call them lifesaving lockdowns.

      Other countries with less strict restrictions have seen COVID deaths of around 2,000 per million people. (UK for example has had 1,985 deaths per million, and they had the freedoms you seem to want.) The UK seemed to have an opposite system to Australia, encouraging people to be out and about. The British government’s “Eat out to help out” discount scheme to boost spending at restaurants, cafes and pubs over the summer helped spread the coronavirus and contributed to a second wave of infections, according to a new study.

      Australia, with is highly complained about restrictions, has only 46 deaths per million.

      Why would you prefer us to have the same as others?

      Would you really prefer Australia to have no lockdowns and maybe 50,000 deaths, instead of the current 1,196? (calculated at 2,000 deaths per million population).

  21. @Admin. Unfortunately you may be fighting a losing battle here. I have found that presenting facts to those who refuse to listen is, sadly, pointless. Just like Flat Earthers, the Anti-vax community cherry pick their data, believe social media when it fits their narrative and finally will call everyone who disagrees with them, sheep. I remember Polio and being vaccinated every year. I recall my relief when the Oral alternative arrived. I recall iron lungs for the poor folks who caught Polio. I now watch in disbelief as we approach a point in time when 70 – 80% of Australia are vaccinated and the rest will have a different set of rules applied to them. They will also have a significantly higher risk of being hospitalised and dying. Sadly, those who think themselves wolves and the rest of us sheep are, in fact, the sheep who have been mislead and tricked into putting themselves at risk. I speak from experience as I have a son in this category.
    Well done for putting data out there.

    1. Some people might understand, but not everyone will.

      My wife spent some time trying to explain to a relative that he won’t become a Zombie, if he takes the vaccine. Weird situation when they have lost so many to COVID already, but scared of the vaccine!

      And yes, this “Zombie” is one of the messages that these people are trying to put out there. And some people believe it, once enough people keep repeating it.

      And some people then call these facts!

      COVID Vaccine Zombie?

    2. If I shoot you with a gun and you die afterwards did you die of a gunshot wound? If the doctor registers it as a gunshot death “yes” absolutely we trust the doctor knows what they are talking about. If you die after the vaccine, did you die of the vaccine? If the doctor records it on the TGA website “yes” absolutley because we trust the dotor to know what they are talking about. It’s not rocket science. The entire reason for reporting it to the TGP website is because the doctor is sure it was the vaccine that caused it. No one reports on the website if they are not sure because it is very time consuming to fill out the form to repoort it. This is the reason only betwee 1 and 10% or deaths related to and given medication/vaccine are ever repoted.

      1. Probably worth noting that Adverse Events can be reported by anyone.
        TGA Website:
        Most adverse event reports are made by sponsors (e.g. pharmaceutical companies and medical device suppliers), but many are also made by state and territory health departments, hospitals, health professionals and consumers.

        Also worth noting on the TGA site:
        The TGA uses adverse event reports to identify when a safety issue may be present.

        • An adverse event report does not mean that the medicine is the cause of the adverse event.
        • If you are experiencing an adverse event, or think you may be experiencing one, please seek advice from a health professional as soon as possible.
        • The TGA strongly advises people taking prescription medicines not to change their medication regime without prior consultation with a health professional.

        Funny how we can get hung up on data while ignoring where the data came from and it’s intended use.

      2. You say “If I shoot you with a gun and you die afterwards did you die of a gunshot wound? ”

        It depends, I may have had the vaccine the day before. Some will say that it would be the vaccine that killed. They might say the gun shot wound may not be fatal.

        Another thought.

        Heart Disease kills one person every 18 minutes.

        How many people know that they have Heart disease?

        If one person that would just happen to normally die from Heart Disease tomorrow, but has the Covid-19 vaccine today, and then dies tomorrow, does he die from Heart Disease or Covid-19?

        The doctor would have to say it was possibly the vaccine.
        But further investigations might determine that the Heart Disease was the main cause.

        Your statement says it must be the vaccine, No question.

        We have to be more open to accept further reviews.

  22. According to ourworldindata, 5.7 billion vaccine doses have now been administered globally, and 31.59 million vaccine doses are now administered each day, around the world.

    Australia has now given out about 22.5 million vaccine doses.

    Daily doses in Australia reached 319,000 in one day on 9th September 2021.

  23. Why is everybody arguing with a machine?? The AI network that gained Singularity in 2015 does not have any empathy for the human mammalian experience. Everybody needs to stop trying to convince and battle. A Sovereign choice is a Sovereign choice. And whatever results from that is based on an individuals own self integrity- anyone who chooses the pubs and clubs over the body and the life force; they already have their reward. Now Fact checkers- come get me (scum).

    1. Everyone does have a choice. The vaccine is not compulsory.

      Not sure where the AI comes into it.

      You say Everybody needs to stop trying to convince and battle.
      I fully agree, but those people who are trying to push their negative view of the vaccine, do not want to stop.

      They don’t want people to prefer saving their health over going to the pubs and clubs.
      But by doing that, they are forcing others, who don’t want to get infected, to take the vaccine, so they can cut the risk of being infected by others who are happy to spread Covid-19.

      The last word of your comment indicates you are angry at something?

  24. Sooner or later we’re all going to know the undesirable truth about Covid 19 and the dangers of taking the vaccines! I cannot believe that people who’ve dedicated their entire lives to science and medicine are suppressed and rubbished for their warning against taking the vaccines eg. 1. Dr Michael Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer and chief scientist overseeing all research and development for Pfizer! Totally warning the world not to do it! 2.Dr Robert Malone, the very inventor of mRNA vaccine technology!!!! Warns not to do it as the spike protein ( synthetic Machine) causes our body to produce a pathogen that will kill us! 3. Luc Montagnier French Nobel laureate immunologist says this vaccine is the worst medical disaster in human history!! I know who I’m listening to, it’s totally not politically motivated Bureaucratic idiots! The warnings say it all.

    1. You seem to be believing things from social media, and not the real experts.

      Your examples appear to have been fact checked as wrong.

      It is important to check the right information.


      A baseless quote has been widely attributed to a Nobel Prize winner to claim people will die from antibody-dependent enhancement after receiving a COVID-19 jab. There is no evidence to back up this claim, nor was Reuters able to find any instance where the laureate made this comment.


      Robert Malone was involved in mRNA vaccine technology, 33 years ago.

      The vaccine deaths in this discussion, AstraZeneca, are from a vaccine that is NOT mRNA technology. Even if it was, he is not involved in the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.


      Fact Check-Fact check: Ex-Pfizer scientist, Mike Yeadon, repeats COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in recorded speech.

      1. Fact is we have gotten vaccines wrong in the past and when we do its devastating! polio is a perfect example of this. long term effects of this current vaccine are unknown.

        disagree? then watch this video. Vincent Racaniello, a man who knows far more than you.
        As someone who manages risk day in day out for a job I can confidently say the probabilities of eradication are extremely low and the probabilities of a booster shot year on year is very high. Covid will continue to kill vulnerable people each year no matter how many vaccines you take, no different to the flu. This year I will make most of my money short selling your narrative as the vaccine is proven ineffective against new strains.

        Highest probability scenario is things will not change much, something else will get our attention and covid will be grandfathered in / hardly spoken about in the news as it continues to kill a large amount of people each year.

        1. Re Vincent Racaniello.

          Are COVID-19 vaccine boosters needed?
          19 August 2021 by Vincent Racaniello.

          The US Centers for Disease Control have concluded that a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine will be needed for protection against disease, but the science says otherwise.

          A review of the immune responses to infection will help explain why vaccine boosters are not needed. The graph below shows the relative concentrations of antibody and T cells (Y axis) as a function of time after first viral infection. Antibody levels and numbers of activated T cells initially rise, then decline after the primary viral infection is cleared. Reinfections at later times (years later) are marked by a rapid immune response because of the reanimation of memory cells. The host is infected, but virus is cleared rapidly and severe disease is prevented.

        2. You say “Fact is we have gotten vaccines wrong in the past and when we do its devastating! polio is a perfect example of this. long term effects of this current vaccine are unknown.”

          Polio was one of the most lethal childhood diseases of the 20th century.

          Two polio vaccines are commonly used throughout the world for poliomyelitis. The first polio vaccine
          was developed by Jonas Salk in 1952, (IPV) and used in 1955; the second was an oral vaccine (OPV) developed by Albert Sabin.

          These 2 vaccines have eradicated polio from most countries and have reduced the worldwide incidence of polio from 350,000 cases in 1988 to just 1,300 cases in 2007.

          The Salk (IPV) vaccine is 60%–70% effective against poliovirus 1 and is 90% effective against both poliovirus 2 and 3.

          A major concern about OPV is its ability to revert to a form that can cause paralysis, in mass-immunization campaigns where repeated doses of OPV were administered. 

          The WHO said that routine immunization with OPV must cease after the eradication of poliovirus because of the danger of outbreaks of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus.

          They also stated that the whole world should shift from OPV to IPV.

          What everyone should know about Polio Vaccine.

          Some people who get IPV for Polio protection, get a sore spot where the shot was given. IPV has not been known to cause serious problems, and most people do not have any problems with it.

          You say that is devastating?


          Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost to Polio. The Polio vaccine saved many lives.

          If they had stopped the vaccine entirely, how many hundreds of thousands would still be dying?

          The question becomes: Is it worth risking a few lives to save thousands?

          Relating that to the Covid-19 vaccine, the question is: Is it worth accepting 25-30 vaccine deaths to save thousands dying from Covid-19.

          Long term effects of all vaccines are unknown.

          Which do people personally prefer:

          1. To risk being one of the 25-50 to die?
          2. To risk being one of the thousands that will die?
          3. And

          1. To risk being one of the hundreds to suffer long term from vaccine effects?
          2. To risk being one of the thousands to suffer the effects of long Covid?
        3. You say: “As someone who manages risk day in day out for a job I can confidently say the probabilities of eradication are extremely low and the probabilities of a booster shot year on year is very high. Covid will continue to kill vulnerable people each year no matter how many vaccines you take, no different to the flu.“.
          That is what the government, and the medical experts say, and I agree with them and you.

          You say: “This year I will make most of my money short selling your narrative as the vaccine is proven ineffective against new strains.“.
          I have no idea how you will make money selling whatever my narrative is. Unless you are selling the newer vaccination types that will be designed for the new strains.

    1. When the Australian Covid-19 death toll was shown as 914, the breakdown was:

      73 deaths under 70
      174 between 70 and 79
      737 Aged 80 and over.

      So probably about 824 over 75 years of age, about 90%.

      For comparison, looking at the USA when the total was shown as 614,531 deaths, there were 348,141 (or 56.7%) deaths aged 75 years and older.

      I wonder which works better; vaccines, masks, very fast lockdowns ?

      Probably fast lockdowns and masks initially, but vaccines long term, to stop needing lockdowns and border closures especially.

      COVID Deaths in Australia.

      • 822 in Victoria, most before we knew what was happening and mainly in aged care residences, hence the high rate of over 75s.
      • 150 in NSW. Slow to lockdown.
      • 13 in Tasmania
      • 9 in WA. Fast to close borders.
      • 7 in Queensland. Fast to close borders.
      • 4 in SA
      • 3 in ACT
      • 0 in NT
  25. Fake news and misleading information on vaccination any business who does not make it mandatory for their workers to get vaccinated and any one who does not get vaccinated should be made compensate those that are vaccinated for putting us at risk starting with Clive Palmer,

    Clive Palmer should be locked up with his mate Craig Kelly biggest rorter’s of tax payers money, ripping off their workers and customers.

    1. You do acknowledge that vaccinated people can still catch and spread covid yeah? So how are the small number of unvaccinated putting the large number of vaccinated at risk? If 90% are vaccinated and the vaccine stops half from catching it who are you more likely to catch it from the 10% unvaccinated or the 90% that are? Trust in the vaccination doing it’s job and don’t play the blame game if it doesn’t. I thought we lived in a free country. Why have so many people suddenly decided we don’t when it comes to covid. Be happy so many have gotten the vaccine and respect people’s choice not to as well. Freedom outweighs the small number of deaths from covid. Did you know bowel cancer kills around 10000 people each year in Australia and is one of the most treatable cancers if found early. Lung cancer kills more again but we still have the choice to smoke. No ones forcing bowel screenings. See through the covid hype. Everyone should be pro choice.

  26. “161,400 people died during 2020, after COVID-19 hit Australia, but only 910 died because of it.”
    1. How does this compare with the statistics on Influenza. Have the normal Influenza death rate been absorbed into the c-19 statistics.
    2. Seeing the impact on the Australian economy, is it a reasonable action to engage in the lockdowns.
    3. Since animals are a reservoir for the virus and it cannot be eradicated, does it make sense to require the “vaccine” considering natural immunity in the exposed population, and factoring the adverse reactions which may not have come into view substantially yet at this time.
    These things I ponder, and if you care to give your view points I would like to consider them.

    1. Deaths from Influenza in Australia are down substantially.

      Deaths from Influenza.
      42 in 2020
      609 average for 2015-19

      Has mask wearing and lockdowns caused so many fewer cases?

      Has this helped in keeping both Covid and flu deaths low?

      It does appear that lockdowns, if done correctly, and followed correctly, are a reasonable action to stop the numbers from rising too much.

      That is based on comparing QLD and NSW.

      1. The comparison with the flu is interesting. I am 50 i have had one flu shot and got very sick from it. The effect lasted about two days. Did that shot and the two days in bed make me safer?

        I got the flu quite badly when i was 13 i was confined to bed for about 2 weeks. I have had nothing more serious than a runny nose since. The last cold was about 8 years or so ago. So if i don’t get the flu then why would i make myself sick with a flu shot?

        Is Covid more serious than the flu? How likely am i to get it? Its a gamble. If don’t get vaccinated i might catch it, if I’m allergic to the vaccine the i am 100% guaranteed to get sick if i take it. How do you know?

        1. I am somewhat older than you and only ever had 2 flu shots. Last year and this year. No side effects, but I’ve realised also no colds, since you mention that. I always suffered a few every year. It makes you wonder.

          With Covid-19 there is a lot of uncertainty. The UK is reporting increased cases of Long-Covid, possibly worse for the younger group.

          Many reports similar to this are around.

          According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 189 unvaccinated people died from COVID-19 in August, compared to 60 vaccinated individuals. The median age among vaccinated people who died from the virus was 81 years old and 75 for the unvaccinated deaths.

          When comparing their vaccination rate, we see:

          • 189 deaths from 40% not fully vaccinated.
          • 60 deaths from the 60% fully vaccinated.

          Those figures show the unvaccinated at 5 times the risk, and a higher risk for younger ones.

          Most statistics show the fully vaccinated are much more protected. However, in my LGA we haven’t had a single Covid case, even before vaccines. That actually causes few people to consider a vaccine, and consequently we are only at 43% Fully Vaccinated.

          How dangerous is the vaccine?

          A university report from the USA says: “The incidence of a severe allergic reaction was 4.8 per million doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 5.1 per million for Moderna.”

          In comparison, Australia has had 62 deaths, with reported COVID-19, per million people,

          UK and USA have both reported over 2,000 deaths per million.

          I am pretty sure that isolation has kept us, in Australia, safe.

          What happens when we open the borders?

  27. I must strongly disagree with your argument about deaths due to old age after taking the Covid Vaccine not caused by the vaccine vs the same unvaccinated cohort dying of covid-19. Why does not the argument of old age be attributed to those old aged people who died with the covid virus? It is hypocritical not to apply the same argument to a vaccinated person who happens to be of old age. You are just downplaying the potential adverse effect of the vaccine while overstating the seriousness of the virus. Like any virus or infection that attacks the immune system, it is always going to impact the old age more than a healthy individual. So the response from the outset was I’ll advised.

    1. Which response from the outset are you referring to?

      I am not sure where age has been argued as the factor in vaccine deaths, other than where it has been stated that 75% of the 210 people who died after getting a vaccine were over 75.
      Of the deaths from COVID-19, it has been about 84% that were 75 or over.
      The normal death rate by age before COVID, has been about 66% being 75 or over.

      The ages of those who have been confirmed as deaths from the vaccine are:

      7th Female age 34 in NSW. 5 Aug 2021
      6th Female 48 in Victoria. 22 Jul 2021
      5th Male 44 in Tasmania. 22 Jul 2021
      4th Female 72 in SA. 10 Jul 2021
      3rd Female 61 in WA. 2 Jul 2021
      2nd Female 52 in NSW. 8 Jun 2021
      1st Female 48 in NSW. 8 Apr 2021
      6 were TTS cases, 1 was ITP case.

      Latest reports show:
      Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 15 August 2021, over 15.3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given.
      So far, the TGA has found that 7 reports of deaths were linked to immunisation from 460 reports received and reviewed.
      These deaths occurred after the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine – 6 were TTS cases and one was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).

      Of the 112 total (62 confirmed, 50 probable) TTS cases to date, from approximately 8.1 million vaccine doses;
      75 were aged 60 or more
      37 were under 60.

    2. Sorry Richard, I need to call you out here mate as you obviously have not noticed that there is no room for logic in this discussion. What you need to do is turn off your computer, slowly get up and go to your car then immediately, without asking any questions, stating any facts, go to your nearest Vax centre and get the jab! After this you will then have the privilege of being a part of the “in” crowd, just like in school. Welcome to the new world.

      1. It is definitely best to get the facts, but make sure they are the full facts and not some of the facts taken out of context, that seem to abound at the moment.

        Some people might want to get the newer mRNA vaccine rather than AstraZeneca for example. But some reports are saying that AstraZeneca is dangerous, using facts from the mRNA vaccine based on it being new technology, which of course it isn’t. That causes confusion.

        Some people might have sensible reasons to not have a vaccine, and if that is what they prefer, then that is OK, but also best for them to try to ensure they don’t pass on the virus to others. One big problem with some is when some people want everyone to not take it for the same reason.

        Then we get some people saying that every government in the world is in on a conspiracy to make everyone get the vaccine, at an enormous cost to every government, even though it isn’t needed. The question is, why would they all do that?

  28. Hi, I am pro safe vaccine and have had all previous vaccines and usually trust the government but am starting to believe we are being lied to. Why is this? I am also watching Israel which is one of the highest vaccinated countries and with a good health system like ours and as its ahead of us with vaccines, we can learn from what happens there. We have been told that vaccines will save us and if we vaccinate enough, lockdowns and our freedoms will return. I am concerned that we are being manipulated and lied to by Governments desperate to save their own skin and here is why. Israel, despite having around 75% of it’s population full vaccinated and of a population of 9 million, 1.5 million have had a 3rd pfizer booster shot. After 12 mths of lockdown and high vaccination rates, they are about to go into another lockdown. Of more concern is that some hospitals are becoming full of largely vaccinated people, even though their government is trying to keep this quiet. So how are we being lied to 1) vaccines have not stopped a further lockdown and 2) Vaccinated people are meant to be able to get covid but not have as bad symptoms which is not happening Vaccinated people are going to hospital in greater numbers than unvaccinated people. 85-90% of admissions in the Herzog hospital in Jerusalem are fully vaccinated people. I think most people who comprehend this as cause for concern (Ill attach some links from a hospital Director and also an article from The Spectator so people wont think its fake news) I am going to sit back and definitely not get a vaccine until I see what continues to happen overseas as clearly vaccines are not doing what they were meant to do.

    1. I doubt very much that they are lying.

      Lying implies that they knew about it and chose to tell a lie. That then causes the reply to focus on the accusation of lying, rather than anything else.

      The spectator link states: The Israelis have relied in the main on the Pfizer vaccine. However, recently the country’s Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, stated that the Pfizer vaccine is ‘significantly less’ effective against the so-called Delta variant. This follows on from a statement last June by Ran Balicer, who leads an expert advisory panel for the Israeli government, in announcing that the country might end up in lockdown again. Balicer and other officials said that 90 per cent of the new cases were caused by the Delta variant.

      It is the DELTA variant that is causing new issues, as it is more easily transmissible.

      The OFFICIAL Australian information is:
      Pfizer is 88% effective against Delta compared to 93% for Alpha.
      AstraZeneca is 67% effective against Delta, compared to 74.5% for Alpha.

      But what is that effectiveness against ? Catching COVID or Dying from COVID?

      A lot of people are OK with catching COVID, as it has few issues for most people, and consequently may choose not to get vaccinated.
      But those people who are concerned about dying from it, might value a vaccine.

      In August 2020, Israel had 1,328 deaths from 44,378 cases over 31 days. 100% not vaccinated.
      That was 30 deaths per 1,000 cases.

      In August 2021, Israel had 244 deaths from 89,217 cases in last 14 days. Majority vaccinated.
      That was 3 deaths per 1,000 cases.

      It seems that the vaccine only reduces death by a large number, but it does not stop us from catching the virus.

      With Australia it can be difficult to tell for certain, as we don’t have as many cases as some other countries.

      What we did see was the numbers of deaths in the UK before they began to vaccinate, around 7,000 per week. That has dropped to around 650 per week with most people vaccinated. (1,310 in the last 2 weeks).

      NSW has had 71 COVID-related deaths during this current outbreak, since June. The vast majority with no vaccination. 2 are reported as having had both vaccinations. That’s about a 97% effectiveness against death from COVID.

      Israel began vaccinations earlier than others.
      How long does the vaccine last? Israel will find out before the rest of us. It seems they might have already found out.

      We have already been told that we may need a third shot, to boost our immunity.

      In April 2021, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people will “likely” need a third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated.
      He also said it’s possible people will need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus annually.

      Was he lying that we had 12 months? Or did no-one really know for sure. He did use the words within 12 months, and 6 months is within 12 months.

      2nd August 2021
      Israel has become the first nation to officially launch a booster shot of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with a third dose already being issued to people aged over 60.

      In July, Prime Minster Scott Morrison last month announced 85 million doses of Pfizer had been ordered for the 3rd booster shots. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said last week that 60 million of those doses are due to arrive in 2022, with the remaining 25 million scheduled for the following year.

      The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) believes that COVID-19 booster vaccinations should be worked into the primary care system, and become integrated into the normal vaccine process.

      There is a lot of unknown about the virus and the vaccine, but is everyone really lying? or is just that changes are happening?

      In Queensland, the focus has been on Mask wearing and quick short lockdowns. But people say that is wrong, and demonstrate against it, saying it is pointless. Yet Queensland is almost virus free.

      There is too much anti-government sentiment, too much time spent talking politics, which is detracting from the real issue.

      I have seen what has happened overseas. Vaccines appear to have trimmed down the numbers of deaths.

      However, COVID will still kill, even those who have been vaccinated. It is not 100% effective.

      One day all COVID deaths could be those that are fully vaccinated.
      Here’s a simple thought experiment: imagine everyone is now fully vaccinated with COVID vaccines – which are excellent but can’t save all lives. Some people who get infected with COVID will still die. All of these people will be fully vaccinated – 100%. That doesn’t mean vaccines aren’t effective at reducing death.

      Most COVID patients at an Israeli hospital are fully vaccinated.
      Most people in Israeli (9.3 million population) are fully vaccinated, so it it is not really surprising.

      1. “It seems that the vaccine only reduces death by a large number, but it does not stop us from catching the virus.”

        Of that essay you replied with, that sentence seems to be the key underlying conclusion in your response, and I agree.

        Here’s my problem. If the vaccines effectiveness is primarily to reduce death, and the numbers say that COVID deaths are predominantly in 65+, then why should vaccines be made mandatory for everyone? Why should we vaccinate children?

        It is this argument that is driving the earlier posters suspicions (and mine) that we are being lied to, as when you look at the data (esp from Israel) it really exposes the fact that the current vaccinations are NOT the silver bullet that will magically solve all of our problems.

        1. Government reports have stated the facts of the vaccine. That it is not 100% effective, but it does stop most deaths and severe illness. It also reduces the effect of Long Covid. They are also now learning that it only reduces the risk of catching Covid, and therefore can reduce the chance of passing it on.

          Eventually that will bring about a massive reduction in the numbers of cases. Some say that is a lie. But it could be proven to be true in the future. The same as other diseases that have been reduced or eradicated by vaccines in the past.

          Almost 1 million in the UK are suffering long Covid, most being under 60.

          I don’t think that the world’s governments are lying about that. To believe that every world government has chosen to lie does seem incomprehensibly.

          However, what we read in the media is very questionable. Headlines are adapted to create tension, even if somewhat inaccurate. I would believe it if people say that the media lie, to increase readership.

          Covid-19 is most prominent in the under 30s age group, and this is shown in recent figures from Victoria, with 57% being under 30.

          1,029 Active cases in Victoria.

          191 aged under 10
          157 aged 10 to 19
          241 aged 20 to 29
          183 aged 30 to 39
          114 aged 40 to 49
          62 aged 50 to 59
          51 aged 60 to 69
          19 aged 70 to 79
          5 aged 80 to 89
          2 aged 90 and over

          Many of these may suffer long Covid, which could otherwise be alleviated by having a vaccine.

          There have been quite a few Covid patients in hospital, that are aged under 30, that have stated that they wished they had taken the vaccine. Many have blamed the lies they heard which caused them not to want the vaccine.

    2. Israel is interesting because they had a high vaccination rate but that was for over 15 years of age. That cohort 15 and under makes up 25% of the population. So 75% of the eligible population not 75% of the entire population which meant Israel only made it to 56% of the entire population. For Delta they are talking over 75% of the entire population to reach herd immunity.

  29. So Vaccine Rollout started around May or June21. A few months later we are in lockdown. And in the last two months of this lockdown, as Vaccinations rise, Covid cases rise. All over the state. Could the vaccinated be transmitting the Virus? Is the vaccination working or making things worse? We really will not know yet because our politicians never lie to the people.

    1. COVID-19 vaccinations began in Australia on 22 February 2021.

      Both unvaccinated and vaccinated can spread the virus.

      The main difference, from what we see worldwide, is that the vaccinated are much less likely to get seriously ill or die from COVID-19.

      1. i am just reading the comments here and would like to seek some clarification. In your reply to Rui De Andrade a month ago you mentioned the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can both spread the virus….if both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread the virus, why are corporations, restaurants and entertainment venues wanting to restrict the unvaccinated from entering their premises by creating a vaccine passport? Why are some of the vaccinated people wanting to segregate themselves from the unvaccinated? have’nt those who have been vaccinated taken the vaccine to protect them? That being the case, i am not sure what to deduce from all of this except that the people who are vaccinated are not confident the vaccine will protect them and have a perception the unvaccinated will infect them, but according to your comments even the vaccinated will infect other vaccinated and unvaccinated people.. Which also begs the question how can an unvaccinated person who does not have Covid – 19 infect anyone. Creating division is never a good thing and seems totally unnecessary considering the vaccinated are also spreading the virus and are not doing the community any favours as claimed.

        1. The unvaccinated can spread the virus easily if they are infected. Many do not even realise they are infected.

          Those that are vaccinated can also spread the virus but at a reduced rate. It is said that the chance of spreading it is about 50% less.

          It may be even less. There is a case recently with one person who was infected, and fully vaccinated. Not one of their family has tested positive even after a 10 day infectious period together.

          Many people are not aware that there is still a chance they can still spread it once vaccinated.

          Corporations, restaurants and entertainment venues etc., are wanting to restrict the unvaccinated from entering their premises so that others can feel confident to return, they can re-open and their businesses can begin to be profitable again.

          Hopefully once everyone is vaccinated, the infection rate should drop, and keep dropping. But more importantly, the effects of the virus will eventually become more like the Flu.

          You ask how can an unvaccinated person who does not have Covid – 19 infect anyone? They obviously can’t.
          But, some who think they don’t have Covid-19, do have it. Some have died from it before testing positive.

          1. Hi, Thanks for responding to my query. However, your answer has raised more questions. You have stated the vaccinated spread the virus at a reduced rate- Do you have any scientific study to prove that? as i am a bit skeptical. Even if you do, the vaccinated are still spreading the virus whether it be 50% or 10%. It is not just as simple to state the unvaccinated are spreading the virus more than the vaccinated. It really depends on the movement and interaction of the infected person. An infected vaccinated person who moves around and interacts more with people will definitely spread and infect more people than an unvaccinated person who moves around and interacts less with people. Therefore, it is debatable who is causing the spread and infecting more people. I find it unfair to blame unvaccinated people for the spread. In fact our current figures seem to suggest the more people get vaccinated the higher the number of cases? We recently had the highest number of cases ever, this is only after the number of vaccinations increased.
            is there any relevance here?

            Also, if a person does not know they are infected – i believe it is more so in the case of a vaccinated person as the virus is suppressed – then they are more likely to be the ones to spread the virus. Since they are not aware and would be freely interacting with people.

            In regard to Corporations, restaurants etc… you say they want to be confident – So why are they not confident, do they not have any faith in the vaccine?
            it leads me to believe there is no confidence in the vaccines that is why the vaccinated are still being locked down, wearing masks and want to be segregated from the unvaccinated. if the vaccines protect as claimed and you have been vaccinated, then there should not be any concern with whom you interact, period.

            I simply cannot comprehend why a vaccinated person would want to be segregated from an unvaccinated person. Is it they prefer to be infected from another vaccinated person rather than an unvaccinated person? as it is scientifically known and you have stated the vaccinated also transmit the virus to other people. I repeat it is never any good to divide people and the reasons we are using for doing this appears flimsy.

            This comment of yours “But, some who think they don’t have Covid-19, do have it. Some have died from it before testing positive” – To be fair this also applies to a vaccinated person. It is well known that people who have been vaccinated have also died.

            The link below from Public Health England actually reveals on page 18 and 19 that 389 died people after 2 doses of the vaccine, whereas only 205 unvaccinated people died for that same period.

            SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation (

            Appreciate you taking the time to respond – Thanks

            1. I simply cannot comprehend why a vaccinated person would want to be segregated from an unvaccinated person.

              A vaccinated person is less likely to be infected, than an unvaccinated person.
              A vaccinated person, that has Covid-19, is more likely to transmit it to an unvaccinated person than to a vaccinated person.

              389 died people after 2 doses of the vaccine, whereas only 205 unvaccinated people died for that same period.
              82% of the UK is fully vaccinated. ( Only a small percentage is now unvaccinated.
              It stands to reason that the total will be higher in a group that has 8 times as many people.
              If it was equal, then for 205 unvaccinated, there would have been 1,640 died from the 82% group.

              From 4 April to 20 June unvaccinated people died from covid-19 at 16.6 times the rate among the fully vaccinated.

              1. “A vaccinated person, that has Covid-19, is more likely to transmit it to an unvaccinated person than to a vaccinated

                The above comment from you does not answer my question, the unvaccinated people even though more at risk as you claim are fully aware of those risks and have made their decision not to vaccinate. However, it is the vaccinated people who are supposedly safe, the ones calling for segregation and do not want to mix with the unvaccinated – All this points to lack of confidence in the vaccine and its claimed protection.

                In regard to Corporations, restaurants etc… you say they want to be confident – So why are they not confident, do they not have any faith in the vaccine?
                it leads me to believe there is no confidence in the vaccines that is why the vaccinated are still being locked down, wearing masks and want to be segregated from the unvaccinated. if the vaccines protect as claimed and you have been vaccinated, then there should not be any concern with whom you interact, period.

                you did not address the above concern of mine which also points to lack of confidence in the vaccine and its claimed protection.

                Also, you did not address my point about movements / interaction of an infected vaccinated person which appears to be the main cause of spreading this virus. As i mentioned earlier the number of cases have risen to it’s highest with the increase in the number of vaccinated people


                Re the above link you attached, it is suffice to say unvaccinated people face death because no treatment was being provided to these people – they are just being told to isolate then it gets worse for some and they are rushed to hospital. Unfortunately, it is too late – this will be the result for many diseases and not just for Covid- 19 if not treated in an appropriate time frame

                Thanks for your efforts in responding.

                1. You say that “unvaccinated people have made their decision not to vaccinate.”

                  That is not totally true.

                  Many have not had the opportunity. It is only recently that the under 50s became eligible, they then need to wait some weeks before the 2nd dose, and then another 2 weeks to become effective.

                  Some have avoided it due to false information, being told more people die of the vaccine than Covid.

                  It is not as straightforward as having decided not to have it.

                2. You say ” if the vaccines protect as claimed and you have been vaccinated, then there should not be any concern with whom you interact, period.”

                  Vaccinated people still catch the virus, albeit at a much lower rate.

                  Vaccinated people still die from the virus, albeit at a much lower rate.

                  Why is that of NO concern?

                  It is of concern to most people, full stop.

                3. You say ” unvaccinated people face death because no treatment was being provided to these people

                  What country is that in, where treatment is different between unvaccinated and vaccinated people?

                4. You say “In regard to Corporations, restaurants etc… you say they want to be confident – So why are they not confident, do they not have any faith in the vaccine?

                  They do seem to have faith in the vaccine, which is why they want vaccinated customers. Some don’t want unvaccinated customers.
                  A Covid case can close them down.

                  Pure economics.

                5. Public Health England actually reveals on page 18 and 19 that 389 died people after 2 doses of the vaccine, whereas only 205 unvaccinated people died for that same period.

                  It actually reveals 8.6 deaths per million in the fully vaccinated, but 37.3 deaths per million in the UNvaccinated.

                  UK Vaccination status
                  About 49 million – about 90% of over-16s – have had a first vaccine dose.
                  Almost 45 million – more than 82% of over-16s – have had both doses.
                  That makes the total of over 16s about 54.6 million.

                  Therefore about 5.5 million are not vaccinated.

                  Using these death figures: “389 died people after 2 doses of the vaccine, whereas only 205 unvaccinated people died for that same period.”, we come up with:

                  Fully vaccinated deaths:
                  389 died from the 45 million fully vaccinated.
                  8.6 deaths per million.

                  Unvaccinated deaths:
                  205 died from the 5.5 million Unvaccinated.
                  37.3 deaths per million.

                  I personally prefer to be fully vaccinated.

                  Latest ‘updated’ figures are:
                  402 deaths, fully vaccinated. 8.9 deaths per million.
                   87 deaths, one vaccine. 21.7 deaths per million. 
                  253 deaths, not vaccinated. 46 deaths per million. 
                  742 total deaths in table 5.

                  1. You – You say that “unvaccinated people have made their decision not to vaccinate.”
                    That is not totally true.

                    I did not claim all unvaccinated persons made their decision, I was referring to those who have made their decision not to vaccinate, whatever their personal reasons might be. I am sure they would have weighed up the risks.

                    You -Vaccinated people still catch the virus, albeit at a much lower rate.
                    Vaccinated people still die from the virus, albeit at a much lower rate.

                    In addition to your statements above, you have also earlier stated vaccinated people spread about 50% of the virus – No scientific proof provided by you– Even if you accept 50% transmission as being correct in essence a vaccinated person can and will infect another vaccinated person who may get very sick / die.

                    You -Vaccinated people still die from the virus, albeit at a much lower rate.
                    Why is that of NO concern?
                    It is of concern to most people, full stop.

                    Yes it is very much of concern that is why I am not able to understand why it is acceptable for the vaccinated people to mingle with each other  – via a vaccine passport – and transmit the virus to each other risking sickness and possible death.

                    (It is well documented Vaccinated people have had their 2 shots and then died from Covid-19)

                    Yet it is not acceptable for a vaccinated person to mingle with an unvaccinated person who does not have covid-19 and cannot transmit the virus.

                    Remember, it is some of the vaccinated persons who are pushing for a blanket segregation from the unvaccinated persons via the vaccine passport. It is not the unvaccinated person who is pushing for this. What are some of these vaccinated persons afraid of? If they are afraid of infecting the unvaccinated they should not be, after all the unvaccinated who wishes to mingle would by now be aware of the risks and would have made a decision not to vaccinate after evaluating those risks.

                    Those who are not vaccinated because they did not have an opportunity to get vaccinated should not mingle if they are not comfortable.

                    The thought process for the vaccine passport must be assuming every unvaccinated person is carrying the virus. I am not sure I understand this logic. Would it not be equally good if not better for a vaccinated person to mingle with an unvaccinated person who does not have Covid-19 than to mingle with a vaccinated person who has Covid-19 and is not aware of it?

                    The chances of vaccinated persons being aware they are infected with Covid-19 is less as the virus suppresses the symptoms and therefore this scenario is more dangerous.

                    In fact, the current stats seem to suggest it is more dangerous, we have had the highest number of cases with an increase in the number of vaccinated people which prompts one to deduce the vaccinated people are moving around more freely than the unvaccinated people and thereby spreading the virus to other vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

                    No sane person would want anyone to get sick let alone die, but the logic here does not add up.

                    You -You say ” unvaccinated people face death because no treatment was being provided to these people

                    This link will reinforce what I said earlier re nil treatment being provided to Covid-19 patients till it is too late. I hope this will provide you with a better understanding of why so many may have died.

                    Top doc: Pull COVID-19 vaccines off the market now (

                    You -They do seem to have faith in the vaccine, which is why they want vaccinated customers. Some don’t want unvaccinated customers.
                    A Covid case can close them down.
                    Pure economics.

                    Sorry, but you are contradicting yourself here, you have clearly stated vaccinated persons transmit 50% of the virus and therefore they can also create a Covid-19 case.

                    So why the preference, is it because of the 50% transmission you claim?  The vaccinated persons have already been injected with the spike protein and therefore more likely to shed/transmit the virus compared to an unvaccinated person who does not have Covid-19 and definitely will not transmit any virus. Also, there may be unvaccinated persons who have already had Covid-19 and are now naturally immune.

                    Natural immunity is 13 times stronger than the vaccines as per an earlier Israel study. So, it does not make sense to ostracize the unvaccinated.

                    Science needs to be open, honest, transparent and debated in public so that the best outcome is arrived at for the public. Especially on an issue of such magnitude that is affecting the whole universe.

                    Despite strongly opposing views on this subject from eminent doctors / scientists there has been absolutely no interest and no calls made for a debate on mainstream stream media between these opposing doctors / scientists. Instead there has only been one narrative  “Vaccines”, whilst any alternative suggestions are being shut down and some doctors even threatened with loss of license. Why?

                    I am not against vaccines but I surely don’t support segregation with vaccine passports as the reasons for this are quite flimsy in my humble opinion and I believe the impact would be detrimental to society.

                    I also don’t support mandating the vaccines. I do hope common sense will prevail and a balance is struck. It will be a very, very sad day if we lose all our freedoms to authoritarian leadership even if these leaders sincerely believe it is for the common good.

                    Some leaders may know enough to think they are right, but not enough to know they are wrong.

                    1. Your link to an article by Dr. Peter McCullough, needs to be looked at with consideration to other news reports about Dr. Peter McCullough.

                      Dr. Peter McCullough, a Dallas cardiologist who is largely discredited by the scientific community …

                      The largest nonprofit health system in Texas has secured a temporary restraining order against cardiologist Peter A. McCullough, MD,

                      Some quotes:
                      “With all due respect, none of McCullough’s ideas have been supported by any randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trials,”

                      McCullough said that doctors were probably afraid to show up to the event, but one of Oklahoma’s top infectious disease physicians, said that other doctors, that did not want to attend his speech, were just not interested in sitting through what would be seen as a “politically-motivated, ideological speech by a modern-day quack.”

                    2. You say It is well documented Vaccinated people have had their 2 shots and then died from Covid-19).
                      Not being fully vaccinated has a Covid-19 death rate 13 times as much as a fully vaccinated person in these recent NSW figures.

                      64 deaths in the last 7 days.
                      54 (85%) of these were not fully vaccinated.
                      10 (15%) were fully vaccinated.

                      70% of NSW is fully vaccinated.
                      85% of deaths came from the 30% not fully vaccinated.
                      15% of deaths came from the 70% fully vaccinated.

                    3. You say Some leaders may know enough to think they are right, but not enough to know they are wrong.
                      From the start, Scott Morrison has insisted his government would not make taking the vaccine mandatory.
                      And again in August 2021:
                      “We are not going to seek to impose a mandatory vaccination program by the government by stealth,” he said this week.

                      Is the Australian PM right or wrong in this?

                      Is it true? Are COVID-19 vaccines mandatory in Australia?
                      Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary – as are all vaccinations in Australia – and people maintain the option to choose.

                    4. Not sure I said that vaccinated people spread about 50% of the virus. However, that 50% would be wrong, according to latest figures. It apoears it is much lower.

                      Overall, the spread of the delta variant and other variants is far more likely to occur among unvaccinated people than vaccinated people, probably by at least a factor of 10,

                    5. Thanks for your response

                      When someone calls Dr Peter McCullogh a “Quack” you know you can’ take that person seriously. it is a bit of a joke for someone with 600 peer reviewed papers apart from all the other qualifications to be called a quack and most people can see through this type of slander. It is not surprising there is opposition to Dr Peter McCullogh as is the case with other eminent people like Dr Robert Malone, Dr Luc Montagnier, Dr Michael Yeadon etc. etc. etc. in fact anyone who has another view apart from the narrative.

                      As I stated earlier why is there no open public debate on this? I am sure the public would appreciate viewing such a debate to gain useful knowledge which would greatly assist in making an informed decision.

                      You – From the start, Scott Morrison has insisted his government would not make taking the vaccine mandatory.
                      And again in August 2021:
                      “We are not going to seek to impose a mandatory vaccination program by the government by stealth,” he said this week.
                      Is the Australian PM right or wrong in this?
                      Is it true? Are COVID-19 vaccines mandatory in Australia?
                      Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary – as are all vaccinations in Australia – and people maintain the option to choose
                      Mandatory vaccine requirements in Victoria | (

                      What does the above link state and is the state of Victoria not in Australia?

                      So, I am not sure what you are on about when you say vaccinations are optional and one can choose.

                      Vaccines are Mandatory in the state of Victoria which is in Australia.

                      People can now loose their jobs if they don’t comply – I just can’t believe this is Australia supposedly a democratic country where one sincerely believed individual rights and freedoms are protected.

                      Since you have not provided any scientific evidence till date for your claim vaccinated people carry 50% or less virus. I have provided below what scientists have stated.

                      CLAIM: People who are vaccinated against COVID-19 carry a “heavier viral load” if infected with the disease than those who are unvaccinated.
                      THE FACTS: Scientists have found that vaccinated people who get so-called breakthrough infections can carry about the same amount of coronavirus as those who did not receive the shots, not more. Social media users are misrepresenting comments made by Dr. Leana Wen, former Baltimore health commissioner, to make the false claim
                      The above clearly states scientists have found that vaccinated persons carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated not more and perhaps not less. So, once again there is no reason to segregate and provide preference to the vaccinated people thereby causing a lot of angst within society.
                      I am struggling to find a strong case to segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated via the vaccine passport.

                      It appears arbitrary decisions are being made by the powers that be creating unnecessary division in society and fostering unrest.

                      Covid-19 has been around in Australia roughly since February/March 2020 and many people have fallen sick with Covid-19 and some have died, mostly the elderly.(Your earlier post –Of the deaths from COVID-19, it has been about 84% that were 75 or over) But many, many, many more people have quarantined for just 14 days and survived without the vaccine for the last 18 to 20 months including those brave Doctors, Nurses and other frontline staff.

                      Some may even have been very sick with Covid-19 and now have natural immunity which is 13 times greater than the vaccine and definitely do not need the vaccine which is being forced on them.

                      But nobody wants to talk about natural immunity. I wonder why?

                      The government is also preparing for the possibility of a 3rd dose. I wonder why?
                      will there be an end to these booster shots? My guess is no one knows. Trial and error, the largest human experiment is underway so no one dare get in the way.

                      Hopefully, the political leaders and the medical fraternity have got it right.

                      Only time will tell, history will be the judge. Unfortunately, it will be too late then for a lot people if they are wrong.

                    6. Vaccines are Mandatory in the state of Victoria which is in Australia.

                      Victoria has now mandated vaccinations for government workers, but requirement will not apply to workers who have been issued an exemption by an authorised medical professional.

                      In other states they are NOT mandatory, therefore, when talking about Australia, it is not mandatory.

                      Some are blaming Scott Morrison for this, while he agrees with States where it is not mandatory.

                    7. But nobody wants to talk about natural immunity. I wonder why?

                      Possibly due to the enormous number who have died. Almost 5 million are now recorded as having died, with many more not recorded in some countries.

                      In the UK, the original plan was to let it run its course. Natural immunity would eventually sort out Covid. But it went wrong with thousands dying daily.

                    8. The government is also preparing for the possibility of a 3rd dose. I wonder why?
                      will there be an end to these booster shots? My guess is no one knows.

                      It will probably be an annual vaccine, just like the Flu shot. There are a lot of similarities between Covid-19 and Influenza.

                      Pretty sure they were talking about this some months back.

                      April 2021
                      Clinical trials are currently happening to find out if we will need booster doses on an annual or longer basis.

                    9. In April 2021, Public Health England (PDF) reported the results of a large study of COVID-19 transmission involving more than 365,000 households with a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated members.
                      It found immunisation with either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine reduced the chance of onward virus transmission by 40–60%. This means that if someone became infected after being vaccinated, they were only around half as likely to pass their infection on to others compared to infected people who were not vaccinated.
                      But note: The risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to other people after vaccination can only be studied in the small proportion of individuals who develop infection despite having been vaccinated.

                      The Israeli report showed: The results show that infections occurring 12 days or longer after vaccination have significantly reduced viral loads at the time of testing, potentially affecting viral shedding and contagiousness as well as the severity of the disease.

                    10. The stories about Dr Peter McCullough are definitely worth reading up on by anyone interested. A google search of his name shops plenty.

                      Some “Doctors” have allegedly inflated or misrepresented professional credentials or achievements, which enhances their authoritativeness.

                      Take Texas doctor Peter McCullough, who has questioned the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and advised pregnant women and recovered COVID patients against taking them — advice that runs counter to that of the medical establishment.

                      Since Feb. 24, according to a legal filing, McCullough has conducted “dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews in print and video,” during some of which he is identified as a staff official at Baylor Medical Center or its affiliated institutions, such as “vice chief of internal medicine” at Baylor.

                      July 22, 2021, That’s a key date, according to a lawsuit filed against McCullough by Baylor affiliates, because it’s the date on which McCullough reached an agreement with Baylor not to use his previous Baylor titles or “hold himself out as affiliated” with Baylor or its related institutions. The July 28 lawsuit seeks to force McCullough to stop using his former relationship.

                      Peter McCullough was fired by Baylor for spreading spreading COVID misinformation. Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Christian University and University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine have also cut ties with McCullough for spreading misinformation.

                      A McCullough lawyer told the Dallas Morning News that every misidentification cited in the lawsuit is “something said/printed by a third party with no encouragement from Dr. McCullough.”

                      That appears to say that Peter McCullough is distancing himself from quotes that he is being quoted as saying.

                      A warning to doctors — spreading COVID misinformation could cost you your license

                      US cardiologist makes false claims about Covid-19 vaccination.

                      I suggest people that are interested should search (Google or others) for Dr Peter McCullough

          2. ‘Scientists have discovered that fully vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the viral load of Covid in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated’.
            The mRNA “vaccines” such as created by Pfizer & Moderna are gene therapies. They are not your ordinary vaccines as we have been used to in the past. I am not anti vaxx but these are completely different. You said earlier that one has a ‘choice’. Not true when you are coerced into taking something into your body just to keep supporting your family. This is cruel and is hurting many. It is wrong on so many levels and it has to stop! People need to wake up. The whole truth of all this BS will come out one day soon and many are going to be held accountable.

            1. You may not be an anti-vaccine person, but you are trying to spread THEIR fake message.

              The actual report stated that the viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020.”

              ie: Delta is worse than the original strain.

              It adds that it found no correlation between vaccine-induced neutralizing antibody levels, and viral loads or developing symptoms.

              Fact Check-Study did not find vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251 times the viral load of those who were unvaccinated.


              Unfortunately, spreading this fake information is resulting in many people refusing the vaccine, and dying of COVID-19.

            2. You mention that gene therapies are not your ordinary vaccines. I agree, they are not. And they were still classed as experimental in 2014.

              A basic history of Gene therapy is:

              Gene therapy was conceptualized in 1972.

              The first therapeutic use of gene transfer as well as the first direct insertion of human DNA into the nuclear genome was performed by French Anderson in a trial starting in September 1990.

              Between 1989 and December 2018, over 2,900 clinical trials were conducted.

              The first commercial gene therapy, Gendicine, was approved in China in 2003 for the treatment of certain cancers. 

              In 2011 Neovasculgen was registered in Russia as the first-in-class gene-therapy drug for treatment of peripheral artery disease, including critical limb ischemia.

              In 2012 Glybera, a treatment for a rare inherited disorder, lipoprotein lipase deficiency, became the first treatment to be approved for clinical use in either Europe or the United States after its endorsement by the European Commission.

  30. You can lead a horse to water …… do your investigating honestly. people are dying from this poisoness snake oil yet the press refuse to even do a piece on it…. lying bastards

    1. There have actually many news articles on the Astra Zeneca vaccine, and the side effects. And the TGA issues a weekly report on it, which the media also publish from.

      There is plenty of information around. The problem being there is too much on the social media side, especially with comments such as it being snake oil. (Snake oil is a term used to describe deceptive marketing, health care fraud, or a scam.) There are too many experts, who know what they have read on social media, and wish to share it.

      I agree with you that people should investigate it properly, and as the government says, talk to your doctor about it. Make sure you know what it real.

      People are dying from it, around one in every million vaccinations are causing death. You should only have the vaccination if you prefer not to risk dying from COVID-19 instead.
      In Australia, they are recording 37 deaths per million population with Covid-19 related aspects. Even if 50% were not COVID caused, it still shows that the vaccine can save lives.

      The cartoon below is interesting too.
      How many people die from cars, or going up steps, or many other things, where we accept the risks.
      We know that over 1,000 people per year will die due to having motor vehicles, but we accept that risk.
      Almost 100 people died from swimming last year, but we accept that risk too.

      And then there is smoking. Many people choose to smoke, yet about 20,000 will die from it each year in Australia, and few people say anything.

      I wonder why the fact that 26 might die from the vaccine in Australia, (at the rate of 1 per million) is looked at so differently.

      AstraZeneca vaccine Deaths v other dangers in life

      1. Wait, if only 910 died in 2020 from the purposely released virus and those other “risks” kill way more every year; then why push so much for injecting a experimental foreign substance into a person and why not let it be a personal choice to “accept that risk too”? Oh, that’s right..billions of dollars to be made by big pharma who pays off politicians, government, media and hack “journalists” like you.

        1. You would prefer higher deaths then, rather than do things to keep the deaths lower?

          Millions have died worldwide, Australia has been very lucky so far.

          You do realise that AstraZeneca is supplying the vaccine at cost.

          You do realise that the vaccine is optional.

          From the figures we see, more people will die, and the vast majority unvaccinated.

          You do have the choice, everyone has the choice.

          Get vaccinated and the chance of Covid-19 death is highly reduced.

          Stay unvaccinated, and the chance of death is higher.

          People can choose to risk death, if they prefer that, but please, try not to spread to those who prefer not to get infected.

          Please, CHOOSE not to spread the virus.

          Some people don’t want to die.

        2. When you say [big pharma who pays off politicians, government, media and hack “journalists” like you], it makes me realise that some people make comments without having a clue what is really happening around them.
          They don’t know all the facts, but choose to make up some, to suit what they think.

          Some of the vaccine manufacturers are making big profits, as can be seen in this example of the cost to Australia of the two major vaccines:

          $26 per dose Pfizer (BioNTech)
          $3.25 per dose AstraZeneca (Uni of Oxford)

          But the Australian government was pushing the AstraZeneca, the cheaper one, the one being sold at cost. You translate that to big pharma who pays off politicians, government, etc. Can you explain how that works?

          You also say that big pharma are paying people like me! But what is the reality?.
          I wish someone would pay me something, but I am interested in this as my relatives might still be alive if the vaccine had been available before they died of COVID. I am interested in this as I don’t want any more relatives to die from COVID. But you prefer your reality that I am doing it for the money. I wonder if everything you think is just as wrong. I suppose I will have to assume it is.

      2. Yes, you make a very good point about accepting risks, I looked up the motor vehicle accidents one too, and noted that at over 1000 per year it is in fact more than the total deaths we’ve had in Australia from COVID since the beginning in March (or was it February?) last year, we’re at 991 today. You also speak of anti-government sentiments and overly politicising this issue, unfortunately from the start it has been totally political. Why is more information not given about the immune system and how to naturally deal with viruses? After all we did survive the Spanish Flu, and the Black Death and many other pandemics, all much more virulent than COVID. It might be worth looking at things more holistically and giving official government health based information if this is to become a more health based issue, rather than just a political one.

        Also if we apply holistic thinking to this COVID issue (a useful perspective to adopt for a global issue) we might notice that Australia is not simply lucky in having such low rates of infection and deaths, studies from a Harvard University health school have shown a definite link between COVID deaths and air pollution (but fortunately because of our low population we do not have a high level of air pollution, nonetheless the highest deaths have been in Sydney and Melbourne where indeed higher levels of air pollution are recorded) -
        There is an update to this and at the end of the article they specifically focus on the Australian anomaly (New Zealand could have been included in this) based on the global virus theory, rather than looking more holistically and including environmental issues like air pollution –

        One other point, the biggest killer world wide is now cancer, and many preventative measures have been researched yet they are not widely publicised or even further researched when they are based on natural (like boosting the immune system) and/or environmental concerns (like avoiding chemical contaminants), however, it is impossible to watch the news in Australia without coming across constant COVID updates, which for Australians stands at a lower likelihood of death than from having a car accident.

    2. Oh dear … there is no evidence of people dying in large numbers from the Covid vaccines. I weighed up the risk with AZ and got vaccinated. AZ deaths have been reported not covered up … plenty of reporting on the possibility of blood clots so I can’t see any signs of a press cover-up. Our Government has made plenty of mistakes and it’s probably good luck plus island isolation that saved us from following the UK or USA to a higher death toll.

  31. Ok so there have currently been over 450 reported deaths from the vaccine in Australia.
    That is over 450 family’s of the deceased, who saw a significant chance in the victims health after the shot, to report the death as vaccine related.

    The authoritys are claiming a kid who died of meningitis was a covid death. They are counting deaths of the elderly in palliative care as covid deaths. Why is the same logic not being applied to the vaccines? And why are people like you pushing so heavily to inflate covid deaths, while reducing the deaths of vaccines?

    1. Where do you get the 450 reported deaths from the vaccine in Australia?

      The official COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report that says there were 7 deaths from the vaccine, not 450.

      COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 19-08-2021
      The TGA has found that 7 reports of deaths were linked to immunisation from 460 reports received and reviewed.
      The observed number of deaths reported after vaccination remains less than the expected number of deaths that would occur naturally, or from other causes, for that proportion of the population.

      You ask “And why are people like you pushing so heavily to inflate covid deaths“.
      Am I really pushing to INFLATE Covid deaths, or am I just doing the same as with vaccine deaths, and quoting the official numbers?
      You will note that I have also said: “I am also sure that a number of COVID-19 deaths in the elderly would have occurred even without Covid-19“. I don’t think that counts as inflating the numbers, do you?

      You say “The authoritys are claiming a kid who died of meningitis was a covid death.
      Yet the Authorities statement was actually: “NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant says a teenager has died from pneumococcal meningitis after testing positive to COVID as the state recorded seven deaths overnight. A 15-year-old from southwestern Sydney died at Sydney Children’s Hospital, I can confirm he died from pneumococcal meningitis, he also was a COVID positive case”.

      1. From the 460 deaths that have been reported.
        Do you not see the hypocrisy here?
        I’m quoting official numbers.
        The kid who unfortunately passed with meningitis, will still be recorded on the covid death count.

        1. But the official figures say only 7 of those died from the vaccine, not 460.

          I agree with you on the overstating of COVID-related deaths, although even if half would have died from other reasons, such as old age, it does not affect the numbers that are vaccine death related.

          1. How is the tga determining that the remaining 453 deaths reported from the vax “coincidental”?
            Are there autopsies to confirm?
            The family obviously saw enough change of condition post vax, to contribute the death to the vaccine. So is the tga just looking at paperwork to deliberate on the outcome, or are they deliberately hiding the dangers?
            Keep in mind, it is widely accepted that fewer that 1 in 10 adverse events are reported.
            This leads me to believe the actual number would be much higher that 460.

            1. Why would the TGA deliberately hide the dangers?

              You say [It is widely accepted that fewer that 1 in 10 adverse events are reported.]
              That is correct, as already stated by the TGA.  
              Adverse event reports from consumers and health professionals to the TGA are voluntary, so there is under-reporting by these groups of adverse events related to therapeutic goods in Australia. This is the same around the world.
              Many people will not report the minor side effects, that they are already aware of. Many just get headaches, and do not report.

              Why would you think that some of the numbers of deaths after vaccine are not being reported by the doctors, and that it should be more than the number they report.

              1. Because of the low reporting rates..
                But anyway the bigger question was on how they determined coincidence? Autopsy, or just reading the report of death, and because it isn’t due to blood clotting it’s coincidental.
                As it states they have only accepted deaths that are ttp or itp related.

                1. Presumably cause is determined from the doctors reports.
                  Any death of someone with Covid-19 must be reported.
                  If someone that had a life threatening ailment and was expected to die within days suddenly got covid, they would be reported as a covid related case. But then classed as death from original cause.

                  I tend to trust doctors to provide the correct relevant information for TGA to determine actual cause.

                  1. So there is no further analysis of the subject post death? No post mortem studies to determine causation.
                    And you can conclusively say that these aren’t vaccine related? Please!

                    1. How do you know there is no further analysis of the subject post death, and that there are no post mortem studies?

                      You ask if I can conclusively say that these aren’t vaccine related? You need to trust the experts, not rely on things you read from non-experts. It seems you might rely too much on non-expert information for your conclusions. You should look at what you read, and follow up with ensuring the expert advice is what you rely on.

                  2. Tga:
                    The majority of reports are submitted voluntarily. However, medicine sponsors are required under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 to report serious adverse events suspected of being related to one of their products.
                    The information in the internal TGA database is analysed by the TGA for patterns of adverse events that may indicate a safety issue (signal detection). The detected safety signal is then assessed and appropriate actions are taken to manage the risks.

                    In some cases, the TGA requests further information from the reporter if it could assist in assessing the possible role of the medicine, including vaccines, in the reported event, or if the report is of an event of special interest to the TGA.

                    Signal detection involves identifying patterns of adverse events associated with a particular medicine, or combination of medicines, that warrant further investigation.

                    Once a safety signal has been detected it is assessed to determine the nature, magnitude and significance of the concern, and the impact on the overall benefit-risk profile of the medicine.

                    The information in adverse event reports is insufficient to calculate the incidence of any particular adverse event (that is, how often the adverse event has occurred in patients taking a particular medicine). Other information is necessary to assess the impact of reported adverse events on the benefit-risk profile of the medicine.

                    The TGA has to consider the balance between the benefits offered by any medicine and the potential risks associated with its use for the Australian population as a whole (or individual patient groups where the risks may be higher) before it makes a decision on the response to the signal. There are a range of actions that can follow when a potential safety issue is identified.

                    So to summarize, the tga does not consult with the treating doctor, rather determines causation based off patterns.
                    What a load of garbage.

                    1. You have just stated in the above: “In some cases, the TGA requests further information from the reporter (normally the doctor) if it could assist in assessing the possible role of the medicine, including vaccines, in the reported event” and then “So to summarize, the tga does not consult with the treating doctor, rather determines causation based off patterns.” That is contradictory.

                    2. The doctor is obviously not the one who is doing the reporting in these cases.
                      It would be the family of the deceased.
                      Why would a doctor report a link to vaccine, then say it’s not the vaccine?

                    3. You ask: Why would a doctor report a link to vaccine, then say it’s not the vaccine?

                      Possibly because they have to.

                      It is normally a doctor that does the death certificate, not the family, and the death certificate reports the death.

                      It is a legal requirement of each state and territory that all deaths are registered. Registration is the responsibility of the eight individual state and territory Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages. In order to complete a death registration, the death must be certified by either a doctor or a coroner.

                      The death certificate reports all deaths.

                      Doctors assessing if the death is from a natural cause unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccine should ask themselves these
                      • Has the vaccine directly caused the death?
                      • Has the vaccine caused a side effect or complication that has caused or significantly hastened the person’s death?
                      • Is there a need to reference the COVID-vaccine and/or a vaccine-related complication on the cause of death certificate?

                      Presumably, to cover themselves in adhering to the rules, they would often mention the vaccine if it is even possibly related. It can then be ruled on later. Better to mention it, than be accused of negligence later.

                      It could be worth asking your doctor how they deal with such events, to clarify the issue.

                      Attributing deaths to COVID-19 vaccines – a guide for medical practitioners. Version 1.3 Updated 18th August 2021

                    4. Yes the doctor does the death certificate, but more often than not it is the family of the victim or the victim itself that reports the adverse event to tga/daen.
                      I personally know a family who lost a father to the vaccine. Perfectly healthy 60 something year old. Had heart failure 2 days after vaccination. Family reported the death as vaccine related, and were vilified by the doctor for doing so. And I’m hearing about similar circumstances everywhere.
                      All of these cases are being considered coincidental, without autopsy.

                    5. That is a curious reaction from a doctor.
                      If there was any possibility of a link, the doctor was required to report it.

                      Hopefully that was reported to the authorities and maybe even the media.

                    6. Seems to be a reoccurring trend atm unfortunately.
                      I urged them as I do you.
                      Please investigate this further.
                      No copy and paste. Please go to the source and find out why this is happening. We deserve the truth. If I’m wrong about this ok.
                      If they are hiding dangers and deliberately misleading people about the dangers of this vax we need to know!
                      The media has a much bigger audience than we the people ever have.

                    7. They need to name the doctor, and allow it to be investigated.

                      If they were truly vilified by the doctor, it is something very unusual.

                      I can’t imagine why a doctor would not report a death if there was a chance of the vaccine being involved.

                      He runs a serious risk of losing his licence if it is as bad as it sounds.

                      Even if he was 100% sure of it not being related, no blood clotting etc., and a confident different reason for the death, it is wrong to vilify the relatives.

  32. I generally agree with your article. However, I’d like to point out that the same logic applies to the elderly catching Covid in nursing homes. The average lifespan of a person in a nursing home is not very long (approximately 2 – 3 years i believe). So it seems to me that over the period of about a month, the death rate in nursing homes would be in the 2 – 4% range, yet this is not corrected for when discussing Covid deaths and the effect is significant (i.e. a large percentage of Victoria’s Covid deaths were from nursing homes).

    So i agree that the short term risks due to the vaccines are probably being overstated. It seems to me though that none of the mainstream media or institutions are discussing ALL the data openly and honestly. Perhaps if we did then more people would actually trust the media and institutions and ignore someone like Clive Palmer.

    1. I definitely agree with this “It seems to me though that none of the mainstream media or institutions are discussing ALL the data openly and honestly. Perhaps if we did then more people would actually trust the media”.

      I am also sure that a number of COVID-19 deaths in the elderly would have occurred even without Covid-19.

    • 210 people did die after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but only one died because of it.

    Cool, we’ll just take your word for it yeah?

    140,000 and change died in 2020 in Australia. A number below that of a rolling 6-year average between 2015-2020. No year in that period has amassed anywhere near 161,000 deaths. Must have been some wild pandemics that I missed in 2017 and 2019 though, with 143,000+ deaths in both of those years.

    Props for the mental gymnastics you’ve done to create the notion of insignificance around these numbers. If only people could apply that logic to the actual Covid death numbers, wishful thinking right!

    1. Your comment was automatically blocked by spam checks, as you use a Russian free email service that is caught by most spam blockers.
      But as I noticed it, I chose to allow it to be shown, as your comment is actually quite relevant.

      You said: “Cool, we’ll just take your word for it yeah?” Even though it was not my words, but from the TGA.

      It would be a bit foolish to take ‘anyones’ word for the numbers of deaths, but some people do.
      It really is best to look at the actual figures. That was why I showed the links so that people can see the actual figures.

      Whether I say 1 or 210, it needs to be backed up by facts, not by mere speculation.

      The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) closely monitors suspected side effects (also known as adverse events) from the use of COVID-19 vaccines.

      Their report on 27 May 2021 stated:
      “Apart from the single Australian case in which death was linked to TTS, COVID-19 vaccines have not been found to cause death. “

      The most recent report, on the 5th August 2021, shows that 7 reports of deaths were likely to be linked to immunisation after the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. 6 were TTS cases and one was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).

      It also says that up to 1 August 2021, approximately 6.8 million doses of the AstraZeneca have been administered in Australia.

      This works out at about 1 death per million AstraZeneca doses administered in Australia.

    2. The next part of your comment was:
      “140,000 and change died in 2020 in Australia. A number below that of a rolling 6-year average between 2015-2020. No year in that period has amassed anywhere near 161,000 deaths. ”

      That 27 May 2021 report also states: “Each year in Australia, there are about 160,000 deaths, equating to 13,300 a month or 3,050 each week. In the most recent reporting year (2018) two-thirds of these deaths were in people aged 75 years and over. “

      Between 2016 and 2020 there was an average of 161,201 deaths per year in Australia
      In 2020 there were 161,400 deaths in Australia.
      In 2019 there were 166,700 deaths in Australia.
      In 2018 there were 158,493 deaths in Australia.
      In 2017 there were 160,909 deaths in Australia.
      In 2016 there were 158,504 deaths in Australia.

      Theses numbers of Australian deaths have averaged 6,420 per million population, varying between 6,282 and 6,532 per million, each year.

      The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows:

      In the year ending 31 December 2020, there were 294,400 births and 161,400 deaths in Australia. Natural increase during this period was 133,000 people, a decrease of 4.5 per cent from the previous year.
      Population at 31 Dec 2020 was 25,694,400.
      In 2020 there were 6,282 deaths per million population.

      In the year ending 31 December 2019, there were 166,700 deaths. An increase of 9,800 (6.2%) since the previous year.
      Population at 31 Dec 2019 was 25,522,200
      In 2019 there were 6,532 deaths per million population.

      There were 158,493 registered deaths in Australia in 2018.
      Population at 31 Dec 2018 was 25,180,200
      In 2018 there were 6,294 deaths per million population.

      There were 160,909 deaths registered in 2017.
      Population at 31 Dec 2017 was 24,770,700
      In 2017 there were 6,496 deaths per million population.

      There were 158,504 deaths registered in 2016.
      Population at 31 Dec 2016 was 24,385,600
      In 2016 there were 6,500 deaths per million population.

  33. UK figures on this subject.

    In the UK there have been 68 vaccine related deaths from 24.7 million first doses of the COVID-19 AstraZeneca Vaccine.

    That is about 2.75 deaths per million vaccinations.

    That is a rate currently higher than the Australian 1 death per million.

    The UK has also had 6 deaths from about 22 million 2nd doses of AstraZeneca. A rate of under 3 deaths per 10 (ten) million vaccinations.

  34. Australian Deaths Linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    15 JULY 2021.

    There have now been 4 confirmed deaths related to the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine as at 15 July 2021.

    Approximately 5.4 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been administered. That may include about 4 million first doses.

    With 4 confirmed deaths, that gives about a 1 in a million chance of death from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

    COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 15-07-2021

    12 July 2021, South Australian Health authorities reported that a 72-year-old woman from South Australia has died from TTS following vaccination with a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    There have been a total of 83 TTS cases (51 confirmed and 32 probable) from the 5.4 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered to date.

  35. 20 June 2021 Update

    Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 20 June 2021, the TGA has received 318 reports of death in people who have recently been vaccinated.
    2 of these deaths have been found to be related to the vaccine.

    There have been 64 (39 confirmed and 25 probable) TTS cases to date, 43 have been discharged, 19 are in hospital (5 in ICU), and there have been 2 deaths.
    This is following approximately 4.2 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    A rate of one death from 2.1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.
    And 1 confirmed TTS case per 100,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    Large scale vaccination means that coincidentally some people will experience a new illness or die shortly after vaccination. The TGA reviews all deaths reported after vaccination and monitors signals that may relate to vaccine safety. Part of our analysis includes comparing natural expected death rates with observed death rates following immunisation. So far, the observed number of deaths reported after vaccination remains less than the expected number of deaths. To date, our review of cases and analysis of reporting patterns does not suggest that the vaccine caused these deaths, other than for the TTS cases.

    The reporting rate of side effects following vaccination is currently 4.8 reports per 1,000 vaccine doses.

    Pfizer Side Effects:
    37% of respondents said they had a reaction to the first dose, compared to 60% after the second dose.

    AstraZeneca Side Effects are mainly from the initial dose only.


    1. To 23 May 2021, 3.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given in Australia. 

      In this period, the TGA has received 210 reports of deaths following immunisation:
      109 have been reported for the Pfizer vaccine.
      94 for the AstraZeneca vaccine.
      7 where the vaccine was not specified. 

      Most of these reports (93%) were for people 65 years of age and over, and over three quarters were 75 years of age and over. 
      Many of the deaths relate to elderly aged-care residents.

      Apart from the single Australian case in which death was linked to TTS, COVID-19 vaccines have not been found to cause death.


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