Debate about Quarantine Places Priority

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Who should get Priority for Quarantine Places?

There is a debate in government circles about whether there should be some reserved quarantine places for international students or tourists.

But some people think that it is important to include skilled migrants, while others point out that about 40,000 Australians are still waiting to get back home and hoping to get a quarantine place.

Who should get priority to enter Australia?

Would this order be about right,  or should it be different?

  • Australian Citizens
  • Australian Permanent Residents
  • Family of Australian Citizens
  • Family of Australian Permanent Residents
  • Skilled Migrants
  • Family of Skilled Migrants
  • International Students
  • Family of International Students
  • Tourists

How Much Does Quarantine Really Cost?

It is estimated that the cost of the quarantine facilities, and associated services, is costing the Australian taxpayer far more than is being charged to, and collected from, the people being quarantined.

An individual will be charged about $3,000 for the 14 day quarantine stay.

Figures for the total actual costs do not appear to be available yet.

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However, Queensland released a report showing the cost of quarantine to be more than $24 million, before the State began to charge arrivals, (1 July 2020).

As at 28 August 2020, Queensland had received approximately 14,500 international travelers into quarantine.

If that figure was about 7,000 at 30th June, then the cost of $24m would work out at about $3,500 per person.

Quarantine Rules by State









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