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How accurate are the quoted estimates of a visa processing time?

Having a reasonable idea of your visa processing time is nice to have, but how accurate are these estimates, and are you aware of what the figures given, actually are.

The processing time figures that look like 17-25, or 15-19, are actual times for specific groups of visa finalisations. However, many people are not aware of what they REALLY mean.

And how can 15-19 relate to the fact that the average was 11 months?

This is a quote from a Migration Agents website.

As of November 2020, the processing time for onshore (temporary) partner visa applications is 22 to 27 months (over 2 years), and offshore (temporary) partner visa applications is 17 to 25 (over 1 year).

It clearly says that onshore applications take between 22 and 27 months, and offshore applications take between 17 and 25 months as at November 2020.

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However, the Department of Home Affairs actually said that only 15% were granted during those times, in the last reported period, (September). But 75% were actually granted faster.

In 2019-20 for example, half of all subclass 309 visas were granted in under 11 months,
75% actually took under 15 months, and 90% were under 19 months. This resulted in the reporting figure of 15-19.

Those figures would have resulted in some reporting it as: the processing time for offshore (temporary) partner visa applications is 15 to 19 months, even though half took under 11 months, and another 25% took between 11 and 15 months, with 10% taking OVER 19 months.

Source: Department of Home Affairs FOI request FA 20/08/00333

As far as November 2020 is concerned, there are no accurate figures of processing times for this month.

The figure quoted originally, between 17 and 25 months (offshore 309) was quoted on 19 October 2020 for visa applications finalised in September 2020.

October times will be provided around the 20th November.

Processing Times 2019-2020

In 2019-20 the subclass 820 visas had an average of 17 months, with reported times of 21-27.

In 2019-20 the subclass 309 visas had an average of 11 months, with reported times of 15-19.


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