Driver in Bunnings Aisles

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Driver in Bunnings gets Tiktock viewers excited.

Hitting the mainstream news today is the report of a TikTok user @dntblw attracting thousands of views and likes with his video of himself driving through the drive through section of a Bunnings hardware store. A normal daily occurrence for many customers in the drive through section.

What struck me was the mention of a customer, pushing a trolley in that section, having to move out of his way.

It was relevant to me, as I had recently asked if I could use a trolley in that section, or did I have to use my car to drive through to collect the cement I wanted.

The actual driving through a drive through, fails to get me excited.

The special one.
Bunnings drive through tiktok

Normal Day to Day ones.

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Bunnings drive through

Bunnings drive through

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