Ebay Prices are NOT Always what they say

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Have you been caught by some Ebay pricing tricks?.

Have you looked on Ebay, or received an Ebay email, and seen something really well priced, and decided to buy it.  Something like this for example, in an email from Ebay today:

Ebay Sonic Dental 1st advert

That looks a bargain at $3.20.  So we click on it, and get to the main advert on Ebay, this one:

Ebay Sonic Dental 2nd advert

Confirmed at $3.20 with free postage, but there are two sections for Qty before you can order, so we click to select 1, in the top box.. and

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Ebay Sonic Dental 3rd advert

The price jumps to $7.30.  It isn’t $3.20 any more…

The first ‘QTY’ option also showed something else… This:

Ebay Sonic Dental 4th Advert

For the $3.20, you only get a pack of 10 dental floss sticks !!!  Not the Electronic Sonic Dental Plaque remover that they advertised.

I can buy a pack of 30 of those for $1.50 in Coles… Coles Triple Action Mint Flavoured Dental Flossers 30 pack $ 1 .50

It makes Ebay a waste of time, or worse, a con trick.

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