Fraudulent Visa Applications Cause Slower Visa Processing

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Fraudulent Visa Applications are a cause of Slower Visa Processing.

Many recent visa applicants have been complaining about slow processing of their Australian visa, yet at the same time, some are getting a visa faster than before.

Some have been heard to say that it is favouritism to certain nationalities that cause this difference.

What is the REAL reason for Slow Visa Processing?.

An article about Immigration in New Zealand states that there was an 88 percent rise in visa fraud last year, with the majority coming from India, south-east Asia and Eastern Europe.

The article says that it saw an 88 percent rise in visa fraud last year.

    • Immigration assistant general manager Jeannie Melville said increases in fraud and more people wanting to come to New Zealand meant applicants classed as high-risk were having to wait longer for decisions on their visas.
    • Low-risk visa applicants are now prioritised and others are queued behind them. That has led to long delays in processing, particularly in India.

This will NOT be a situation isolated only to New Zealand, it is bound to be similar to Australia, and is likely to be a cause for many of the longer than usual processing times from those countries where visa fraud is more common.

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Having been watching the progress of about 500 visa applications during the last 18 months, I have noticed two things:

    1. Many applications are taking the same amount of time to process as they did a few years ago.
    2. Some applications are taking twice as long as they did a few years ago.

The incidence of Visa Fraud from some countries does seem to have an impact on these results.

Visa Fraud is not something new, although appears to be getting worse..

A report from 2012 included this: ‘Government representatives from Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia combined their efforts to warn prospective visitors and immigrants of the dangers of being misled by unscrupulous immigration agents.

One of the main points they mentioned was: ‘Do not be misled by unscrupulous agents into believing that it is acceptable to submit forged documents with your visa application. The application will be refused and you face further investigation by the Indian authorities.

I have personally read about some visa applicants having received a visa refusal notice for fake documents, and wondering why they are now banned from a further application.  Reading the above makes me realise that they may have been told that it was OK to submit such fake documents, by people claiming to be migration agents, or just from friends etc.


If People NEED to use a Migration Agent for an Australian Visa application, the should use an Australian Registered Migration Agent, authorised by the Australian Government.

These can be found at the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority:


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The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
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