Health Checks for Non Migrating Children

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Why Does Immigration ask for Health Checks for Non Migrating Children.

A recent question was asked by a parent who was migrating to Australia, but whose child, under 18, was not migrating at the same time.

The applicant was asked to arrange a medical for themselves and any dependent non-migrating family members, and this included the child.

Most visa applicants, and in some circumstances their dependents (whether they are migrating to Australia or not), are required to meet the health requirement.
Department of Immigration and Border Protection: Overview of the health requirement

The question was:

Why should the Non-Migrating Child need the medical too?.

Most answers to this are that it is just the way it is.

I have a feeling it might be something like this scenario.

Parent applies for Visa, but excludes the child (so the child does not get a medical), Parent gets the Visa and then later applies for child to join. Child is refused after Medical is found to be negative.
Parent contacts newspaper etc., and media campaign blames Australian Immigration for keeping parent and child apart. Civil Libertarions and Opposition parties jump on this and attack the government also.
Political Disaster!!

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Easy solution: Immigration require all Non Migrating Children to have medicals before the Applicant is granted a visa. If one fails, they all fail. Family is not split up, no Political Outrage.

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