How Good are COVID Vaccines

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Do COVID-19 Vaccinations Protect us?

The Queensland Premier had made these comments:

Vaccines may not protect people from mutant virus strains when they’re travelling overseas.”

We’ve got the pandemic raging around countries at the moment, we’ve got mutant strains that are starting to formulate,”

The problem is people going overseas vaccinated, but they could come back with a mutant strain.”

What does it really mean?

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In Australia’s own little bubble, it is quite feasible that the 90% or so of those that have been vaccinated will be protected.

But the vaccine may not protect up to about 10% of us, and it may not protect from some of the rest from the new variants.

In theory this scenario could happen…

One vaccinated Australian goes overseas, and catches a new variant. Returns home and spreads it, causing a new wave in Australia.

It could also happen with a newly arrived immigrant.

The Queensland answer is to reject a federal proposal to allow home quarantine, insisting that full quarantine is still needed.

The only exception being arrivals from the green zones.

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