How many Australian Wineries are Owned by Chinese

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How many Australian Wineries are Owned by Chinese companies?

There is a lot of talk about Australian Wineries being hurt by the Chinese ban on importing Australian wine.

The Chinese government imposed tariffs of between 107.1% and 212.1% on bottled Australian wine in November 2020.

Apparently about 41 Australian Wineries are owned by Chinese companies or individuals.

Some social media reports are suggesting that people do not buy wine from these 41 wineries.

I suggest people do some homework first, before hurting the innocent wineries.

Auswan Creek, a Chinese owned Australian winery was one of about 50 wineries that have had massive tariffs imposed by the Chinese government, albeit at the lower rate.

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It is included on the list of Wineries owned by Chinese.

Auswan Creek Winery is part of the Swan Wine Group, of which Wei Li, is the founder and chief executive of.

Australian Swan Vintage (Auswan) is an Australian Private Company. 

Wei Li became an Australian citizen in 1999.

Swan Group Wines are made to appeal to the Chinese palate.

If China and the Australian public hurt them, the main people that lose might be the Australian employees, not China.

Australian Senator Kimberley Kitching is reported as saying: The Chinese government handed Australia a list of 14 grievances demanding that Australia stops voicing out in defence of human rights and the rules-based order. and China has cancelled a whole range of Australian imports in an attempt to bully us into abandoning our values.

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