IMMI Account Attach and Upload Documents

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How to Attach and Upload Australian Immigration Documents.

When an Australian Visa application is submitted to the Immigration department, the applicant is often required to submit various documentary evidence with the application.

These might include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport or other travel document
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Bank statement as evidence of financial capacity
  • etc

Instructions on how to upload these into your application are shown at:

IMMI Account Attach and Upload Documents…/attach_documents.pdf

Information Provided Button.

Some people forget to click the button to say they have uploaded what is needed.  This button should be clicked, after uploading everything required for the application, so that an Immigration Officer can then review the application.

The position of the button might vary, especially as immigration do frequent changes to their web pages.

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These are examples:

IMMI Account Upload Button


IMMI Account Upload Button

The information we give is based on personal experiences, reading and formulation of available statistics.
Some Visa Applicants might find an Experienced Australian Migration Agent of great assistance.

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