Is Electricity Cheaper in UK or Australia

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This was a question that I asked in a poll some time ago, and the results came out quite interesting:

  • 57% Cheaper in UK (373 Votes)
  • 26% Cheaper in Australia (170 Votes)
  • 17% About the same (75 Votes)

That is the perception of 657 voters.

What is the reality ? (These are figures based on my two living locations in UK and Australia)

Price per kw (Day rate)

  • British Gas 13.488 pence per kWh and include VAT. (Before any discounts offered)
  • Origin Energy 25.37810 cents per kWh and include GST. (Before any discounts offered)

Standing Charge

I wonder how that compares as a percentage of each counties average wage ?

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UK Electricity Prices February 2012
12.88 pence Lowest
17.06 pence Highest
14.29 pence Average


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