Left hand drive cars in Australia

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Can you drive a Left hand drive car in Australia?

The answer is really that It Depends.

Each state in Australia can have different rules, but all drive on the left side of the road, with most having the driver sitting on the right hand side of the car.

Be careful where you get information from on the Internet..

I just read on one car shipping site that the UK drives on the right, the same as the USA, but different to Australia.

UK drives on the Right!! Since when ?

The truth is that the UK drives on the left, the same as 74 other countries including Australia, but different to the USA.

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Get the facts from the” horses mouth” as they say.

Each state in Australia can have different rules, here are some examples.

Queensland and Left Hand Drive.

International tourists and foreign defence personnel are  permitted to bring their left hand drive vehicles into Australia to use while  they are on holidays or on defence exchange in Australia.

Other than that, all light vehicles (gross vehicle mass not exceeding 4.5t) that are less than 25 years old must have a right hand drive.

Read more at www.qld.gov.au/transport

South Australia and Left Hand Drive.

A left hand drive vehicle may be driven on a road for up to 90 days during any one year period of registration, and the owner of the vehicle must be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club.

Read more at sa.gov.au/driving-and-transport

Western Australia and Left Hand Drive.

If you are a resident of Australia and your left hand drive vehicle is less than 4,500 kg, and was manufactured more than 15 years ago, it may be possible to license it without the need for a right hand drive conversion. It must however be intended for personal use only.

An immigrant who imports a left hand drive vehicle for personal use, may be able to conditionally license the vehicle for a period not exceeding 12 months. During that period and before the conditional vehicle licence can be renewed, it may need to be converted to right hand drive depending on the age of the vehicle.

Read more at transport.wa.gov.au

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  2. These rules on LHD cars were set up to protect the Australian car industry which is gone same as the luxury car tax still with us also if the federal gov made decisions how could they blame the states.

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