Mandatory Vaccination in Victoria

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The Victorian Government has announced mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for all authorised workers.

This comes into effect on 15th October 2021 for some, and 26 November 2021 for others.

All authorised workers who cannot work from home must have had their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 15 October 2021 and will need to be fully vaccinated by 26 November 2021. The mandate will apply to all workers in Victoria, not just those within Metropolitan Melbourne and restricted LGA’s.

The requirement will not apply to workers who have been issued an exemption by an authorised medical professional.

The above statement has been made on a few websites around the 6th October 2021 and has led to people saying things like: “Vaccines are Mandatory in the state of Victoria” This has made some, possibly most, people think that all workers in Victoria need to be vaccinated.

The full statement is at, and it includes this text:

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On the advice of our public health team, all workers – in Melbourne and regional Victoria – on the Authorised Worker list will require their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by Friday, 15 October in order to continue working onsite. They will need to be fully vaccinated by 26 November.

It also says that “As authorised workers are currently moving around Victoria the most, it’s vital they get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and all of Victoria“.

It made me ask:

What is an Authorised worker?

An authorised worker is an individual required to perform the essential tasks delivered by an Authorised provider.

An Authorised provider is a businesses or organisations that can open in Restricted Areas (i.e., metropolitan Melbourne and Restricted Area LGAs in regional Victoria) .

It includes any person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of:

  • elective surgery and post-operative care in health services in regional Victoria
  • emergency services, including both volunteers and paid workers
  • health practitioners
  • maternal and child health workers
  • anyone required to ensure the Victorian Parliament can operate
  • a member of Parliament and up to two staff to ensure minimal functioning of an electorate office
  • journalist and media services
  • retail goods workers supporting the operation of click and collect or click and deliver orders

The full list is here:

It is actually quite a big list. People in affected areas of Victoria need to check this.

Those in that group, without the vaccines or an exemption, will not be allowed to return to normal work until these restrictions are over.

Mandatory vaccination is not intended to apply to those working from home.

There are limited exceptional circumstances, where unvaccinated workers can continue working if it is necessary.

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