Medicare and Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300)

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Can a PMV Holder (Visa Subclass 300) apply for Medicare..

A PMV holder is NOT eligible for medicare until they have married AND have applied for the Subclass 820 Visa.

After lodging the 820 application you will receive an acknowledgment of your application with your Bridging Visa grant letter.

Take these to a Medicare officer and register.

But from this page:

Everyone who lives in Australia, excluding Norfolk Island, is eligible for a Medicare card as long as you:

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hold Australian citizenship
hold documented New Zealand citizenship – read more about Medicare enrolment for New Zealand citizens
have been issued with a permanent visa
applied for a permanent visa, excluding an application for a parent visa
permission to work in Australia or
can prove a relationship to an Australian citizen or permanent resident

I wonder if a PMV holder in a registered relationship with an Australian citizen would be eligible.

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