Morrison Phone Call to France

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Did PM lie about his phone call to France?

Did the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, lie about a phone call to the French President, as some on Twitter have stated?

The problem with twitter is that they can make a short statement without any real information. Nothing to clarify what it really is.

What does this really mean?
Did Morrison Lie about phone call

A news report says:
Scott Morrison has made a disappointing admission about French President Emmanuel Macron during his trip to Washington.

The story reveals:
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted Emmanuel Macron won’t answer any phone calls from him after the French President was left outraged over the surprise AUKUS deal.

Is he lying ? Did he really speak to him?

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Mr Morrison has urged France to reconsider its refusal to engage in talks with Australia.

The Prime Minister has previously said that he tried to phone Emmanuel Macron to tell him about his decision the night before the news was announced publicly. But that as the call went unanswered, he sent a message to the French President instead.

It may all be a mess, but I can’t find where the lie was? It is a pity that a statement can be made without an explanation.

Can anyone highlight the actual lie?

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