Partner Visa Processing Times February 2021

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These are the official times quoted by Australian Immigration, for the Partner Visas finalised in the month of February 2021.

Visa processing times are calculated from the date of application to the date of grant or refusal.

Partner Visa Processing Times Febuary 2021

Visa75% of Visas Processed in up to15% of Visas processed between10% Of Visas Processed in over
10017 months17 & 23 months23 months
30018 months18 & 29 months29 months
30918 months18 & 23 months23 months
80116 months16 & 22 months22 months
82023 months23 & 28 months28 months
Last updated: 18 March 2021 (for month ending February 2021)


Where it says 75% or 90% of Visas Processed, it shows a time in days or months which relate to these examples:

  • 75% Processed 23 months = 75% of the visas in that month were finalised in 23 months or less.
    • Visas processed in 3 or 4 months would be included in “under 23 months“.
  • 90% Processed 28 months = 90% of the visas in that month were finalised in 28 months or less. This leaves 10% that took over 28 months.

Therefore 75% were finalised in 1 to 23 months, 15% took between 23 and 28 months, and 10% took over 28 months.

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