Partner Visa Subclass 801 Processing Times 2019 Q1

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How long does a subclass 801 Partner Visa take to process?.

This question is not easy to answer, due to many variables, including how well the application is prepared, how long security checks take to complete (dependent on the applicant’s home country), etc.

I do have times for 28 of these recent Onshore Permanent Partner Visa grants, that have been granted between January and April 2019, and they are analysed below.

Time from date of the 820 Application to the date of the 801 Grant, for subclass 801 grants received during January to April 2019, with information from publicly available forums, show the processing times varied between 28 months and 57.2 months.

    • 1 grant took 28 months (4 months for the 801) From: UK.
    • 6 grants took between 32.6 and 33.9 months (between 8.6 and 9.9 months for the 801) From: UK, Sweden, Philippines, India, Malaysia, USA.
    • 7 grants took between 34.0 and 34.7 months (between 10 and 10.7 months for the 801) From: Germany, Italy, UK, UK, ?, Indonesia, Taiwan.
    • 7 grants took between 34.9 and 39.0 months (between 10.9 and 15 months for the 801) From: Iran, Cameroon, Philippines, Tanzania, ?, China, Sri Lanka.
    • 6 grants took between 42.3 and 48.7 months (between 18.3 and 24.7 months for the 801) From: China, Jordan, Sri Lanka, India, China, ?, ?.
    • 1 grant took 57.2 months (33.2 months for the 801) From: ?.

These processing times show the date from the 820 Application to 801 Grant.
The 2nd figure, (the 801 processing time), is 24 months less than the total, as the 801 processing time begins 24 months after the 820 application is lodged.

Three other subclass 801 grants took between 11.0 and 20.8 months, but those ones got the 801 visa at the same time as the 820, due to their long term relationship prior to 820 application.

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