Petrol Prices around Australia

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Price of Petrol in Australia.

Petrol Prices fluctuate almost daily in some places. Often there appears no reason for the changes. Sometimes a good reason is given, but maybe some petrol suppliers take advantage of that reason to inflate the price.

In October 2019 we have been aware of oil situations in the middle east. Tankers being hit by rockets, and Oil Refineries being targetted by terrorists. These have driven up prices by some suppliers to about $1.60 per litre, but why have some been able to maintain a lower price.

My local Petrol station has been selling E10 at $1.439 per litre with no change for ages.  Even though the next one along rose to $1.63 at one stage, and is currently $1.60.

Australian Petrol Prices at 29th October 2019.

Queensland Petrol Prices.

Between about $1.43 and $1.62 per litre.  Here is an example of prices on the day this page was updated.

Petrol Prices in QLD can be checked at:…/fair-fuel-prices

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Petrol Prices Oct 2019

Western Australia Petrol Prices.

From the WA Fuelwatch system, petrol prices seem to vary between $1.28 and $1.73 per litre today.

Petrol Prices in WA can be checked at:
Petrol prices WA Oct 29 2019

New South Wales Petrol Prices.

Petrol Prices in NSW can be checked at:

South Australia Petrol Prices.

Petrol Prices in SA can be checked at:

Victoria Petrol Prices.

Petrol Prices in Victoria can be checked at:…/fuel-prices.html

And for comparison to TEN years ago…

December 2009 Best Petrol prices around Australia.

These were Unleaded Petrol Prices for 29th December 2009:

Fuel Cost/Litre (Cents/Litre):

Sydney Petrol Price December 2009

  • 109.9 Lowest Price
  • 135.9 Highest Price

Melbourne Petrol Price December 2009

  • 110.9 Lowest Price ULP
  • 128.9 Highest Price ULP Melbourne

Brisbane Petrol Price December 2009

  • 117.5 Lowest Price
  • 129.9 Highest Price

Perth Petrol Price December 2009

  • 111.8 Lowest Price
  • 129.9 Highest Price

Adelaide Petrol Price December 2009

  • 111.9 Lowest Price
  • 128.9 Highest Price

Gold Coast Petrol Price December 2009

  • 119.9 Lowest Price
  • 132.9 Highest Price

Sunshine Coast Petrol Price December 2009

  • 113.9 Lowest Price
  • 125.9 Highest Price

Canberra Petrol Price December 2009

  • 122.7 Lowest Price
  • 127.9 Highest Price

Hobart Petrol Price December 2009

  • 124.3 Lowest Price
  • 130.7 Highest Price
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