Petrol Prices in Brisbane.

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I just read a news report titled:

South-east Queensland drivers filling up their tanks this weekend will be paying the highest prices of any capital city in Australia.

The RACQ is telling motorists to use their real-time fuel price app and shop around!!

The latest RACQ data shows that many petrol stations are selling at between $1.60 and $1.70 a litre, which is between 37 and 47 cents per litre more than I pay, in Greater Brisbane.

I have been paying 1.227 per litre every time for the last two months.

Google ara-61
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As the RACQ says “shop around!!”

All the time, that most people just pay the high price, the Petrol Stations will keep charging it.

One of my local stations was about $1.60 recently, then dropped to $1.29. But not for long, as they are back above $1.60 again.

I assume they didn’t see any difference in drivers attitudes and decided to stick with higher prices, as many drivers don’t seem to worry about what they pay.

This is an example of price differences in Brisbane. Almost 30 cents per litre difference.
Brisbane Petrol price May 2021

RACQ Fair Fuel Finder App…/racq-mobile-app

RACQ and Free2Go members also save 4 cents per litre on fuel at participating Puma Energy and Choice petrol stations Australia wide.…/puma-energy-fuel

Google ara-61
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