Regional Visa after Separation or Divorce

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Regional Visa after Separation: What happens if the primary applicants become separated from their spouse while holding a new Skilled Regional Provisional visa, including due to family violence?

  • Should a visa holder and their dependent partner separate, the dependent partner, and any other dependent family members, continue to hold their Skilled Regional Provisional visa.
  • The spouse is eligible for the new Permanent Resident (Skilled Regional) visa provided they meet the criteria in their own right. This includes the minimum taxable income requirement and complying with their visa conditions.
  • The spouse may also choose to apply for other visas, including both temporary and other permanent visas. They would have to meet the same criteria as anyone else applying for a further visa.

Regional Visa after Separation by Family Violence

  • If the couple have divorced or separated as a result of family violence perpetrated by the primary applicant, the primary applicant’s visa would be subject to cancellation pending investigation by the relevant authorities.
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