Registered Relationships in South Australia

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South Australian Couples, of either Sex, can Register a Relationship in their State.

You can register your relationship in South Australia, if you are :

  • both 18 years of age or older, and
  • are in a relationship with another person as a couple, irrespective of their sex or gender identity, and
  • provide a certified copy of a document that proves that at least one person is currently living in South Australia.

If either party has previously been married, in a registered relationship or corresponding law registered relationship, you must upload a certified copy of evidence that the previous relationship has ended.

Evidence of a relationship is not required to register a relationship, but applications must be accompanied by completed statutory declarations, witnessed by an authorised person, and including evidence of identity and age of both people.

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Updated 30 June 2021, from the 2017 original publication date.

Fees to register a relationship in South Australia.

  • $123.00 Register a relationship (non-refundable)
  • $55.50 Standard relationship certificate (required for Immigration and other legal purposes)
  • $78.50 Commemorative certificate (includes standard and display certificate)
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