Registered Relationships in Victoria

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Register a Relationship in Victoria.

You can apply to register a domestic relationship in Victoria if you are a couple, both at least 18 years old and at least one can provide evidence of living in Victoria.

Both of you need to take part in registering the relationship:

  • Partner 1 completes their part of the application.
  • We email Partner 2.
  • Partner 2 completes their part.…/register-a-domestic-relationship

Registering your relationship for immigration purposes.

Currently the Immigration Department state the following:

Usually your de facto relationship must have existed for at least 12 months immediately before you apply for the visa.

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Time spent dating or in an online relationship might not count as being in a de facto relationship.

The 12-month requirement will not apply if you have registered your relationship with an Australian authority such as a registry of births, deaths and marriages

The 12-month requirement will not apply if you can show us compelling and compassionate circumstances exist to grant the subclass 309 or 820 visa.…/provisional-309…/temporary-820

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