Scam Phone Calls: 02 8358 5645

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Is 02 8358 5645 a Scam Phone Call.

I received a call from 0283585645 and the call went like this:

Them: Have you been in a Card Accident this year?

Me: No

Them: Has anyone else in your family been in a Card Accident this year?

Me: No

Them: I’m sorry

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Me: What are you sorry for?

Them: Hung up

I have heard the term accident chasers before, and that seems to fit the bill.

Ambulance Chasers: A common term for legal services who go to extreme lengths to advertise their services directly to individuals after an accident are known as “ambulance chasers.”

A report in a UK Newspaper in 2016 quoted: “One in five people receives an unsolicited, nuisance call every day in a practice fuelled by “ambulance-chasing lawyers,” a report has warned.”

But, are some of these actually pure scams, where the people chasing just want pre-payment for something and never deliver?

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