subclass 300 visa grants September 2020

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13 subclass 300 PMVs Granted in September 2020.

The numbers of Prospective Marriage Visas granted, in the July to September quarter, has increased by 300% from the previous quarter.

However, the actual numbers are still very small with the increase going from 8 grants in the 3 months, up to 24 grants in the next 3 months, with over half of those in the last month.

PMV Grants each Quarter.

  • 515 in Jul to Sep 2019 (ave 171 per month)
  • 553 in Oct to Dec 2019 (ave 184 per month)
  • 591 in Jan to Mar 2020 (ave 197 per month)
  • 8 in Apr to Jun 2020 (ave 3 per month)
  • 24 in Jul to Sep 2020 (ave 8 per month)

Comparing the July to September quarters in 2019 and 2020, we see a drop from 515 grants to just 24.

The drop was caused by COVID and the ensuing travel restrictions.

The Prospective Marriage Visas granted in 2020-21, so far, are:

  • 4 grants in July
  • 7 grants in August
  • 13 grants in September

This does show that at least it looks like things are beginning to move in the right direction, with some subclass 300 applications being granted. Hopefully the applicants are also getting a travel ban exemption so they can also travel, and arrive in Australia.

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