Sydney GP charges $370 for Free COVID Consultation.

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A GP clinic in Campsie, Sydney has been charging consultation fees totalling $370 to administer Covid-19 vaccinations.

These are free at all government vaccine centres and doctors practices (GPs)

The Federal Government has threatened to take action against the Blessed Health Clinic, Campsie, in SW Sydney.

The government has arranged to pay all doctors directly to cover their costs in providing Covid-19 consultations and vaccinations.

There is no need for a GP to ask any payment from an individual.  However, there are always a few that might prefer to charge some customers, clients, patients etc., in all businesses, with higher fees than might be normal.

Their charges, quoted in Chinese and English, were:

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1st Dose consult and vaccination: $225, or $250 at the weekend. Medicare Item 5040.

2nd Dose consult and vaccination: $80, or $100 to $120 at weekends. Medicare Item 5020.

For comparison, my first Covid-19 vaccine was totally free and took about 5 minutes, with a 15 minute wait afterwards with the nurse, to check that nothing went wrong.

The doctor was paid directly by the government.

Australian Medicare Item Numbers:

Item 5040.
Professional attendance by a general practitioner at consulting rooms lasting at least 20 minutes…

Item 5020.
Professional attendance by a general practitioner lasting less than 20 minutes…

COVID Vaccines are Free in Australia


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