The Australian Citizenship Interview

What is the Australian Citizenship Interview?

The wording in the email providing the date for the Citizenship Test states the following:

Your citizenship appointment will be in two parts: a citizenship interview and a citizenship test. At the citizenship interview, you will be interviewed regarding your identity, your identity documents Read the rest

Australian Citizenship Processing Times

Processing times for Australian Citizenship vary a lot for many reasons.

One reason is the shear number of applications.

There were 12,517 citizenship applications, by conferral ,received in the month of December 2020, and another 3,000 by other options, according to

As at the end of December 2020, there … Read the rest

Australian ‘assisted’ Citizenship Test.

Some people who are applying for Australian Citizenship may be eligible for what is called the “Assisted Citizenship Test” in some circumstances.

Most people will take the normal test,  the standard computer test which requires a certain number of correct answers.

At least 75 per cent of all questions must … Read the rest

The NEW Australian Citizenship Test

The Australian Citizenship Test is changing in November 2020.

This is the link to download a copy of the NEW 2020/21 Australian Common Bond book and practice test questions.

The questions are half way through the book,  on page 44.

Citizenship Tests to Resume after COVID-19

Applications for Australian citizenship have not stopped being accepted during the COVID-19 epidemic, but testing and ceremonies were stopped.

Online Ceremonies were introduced and many people, who had been tested beforehand, were able to complete their Citizenship journey.

However, sitting the tests was still not an option, at least for … Read the rest

Citizenship Processing Times April 2020

The processing time for Australian Citizenship is getting longer again, mainly due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

With all face to face interactions suspended, there are currently no Citizenship tests or Interviews being carried out. This is causing a hold up after initial checks are finalised for applications.

Citizenship Processing times

Read the rest

Australian Citizenship Application Identity documents

Identity documents for Citizenship Application.

Various form of ID and other evidences are required to be submitted with your Australian Citizenship Application.

Evidence of identity.

Evidence of your identity from birth to the present day is required.

With your Citizenship application you need to provide THREE documents that together will … Read the rest

Australian Citizenship Application Processing Delays

Long Delays for Australian Citizenship Applications.

Many new migrants eventually will apply for Australian Citizenship after they have been granted an Australian Permanent Resident visa.

This application can be made after they have been legally in Australia for four years, and at least one year after they received their Permanent … Read the rest

Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Test Information.

You can become an Australian Citizen if you

  • are an Australian Permanent Resident, and fulfill eligible residency and Australian knowledge requirements.
  • are an eligible New Zealand citizen, and fulfill eligible residency and Australian knowledge requirements.
  • were people born overseas to a parent who is or was
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Australian Citizenship Waiting Times 2018

Australian Citizenship Waiting Times and Delays 2017 to 2018.

Recent News Reports show that there are 236,694 applications waiting for Australian Citizenship as at 30th December 2018, a massive increase from the almost 81,000 applications in the pipeline at 30th June 2017.

Such a rise is astronomical, but how has … Read the rest