Clive Palmer and Vaccine Indemnity

Clive Palmer on Vaccine Indemnity

Clive Palmer’s Leaflet.

I don’t understand why the Australian Government has granted the pharmaceutical companies a complete indemnity should their COVID-19 vaccines cause illness or death. …. No one will be successful in court if the government has indemnified the pharmaceutical companies.

University of Sydney. … Read the rest

Clive Palmer and Animal Deaths in Vaccine Trials.

Clive Palmer: 50% of Animals Died in Vaccine Trials.

Clive Palmer’s Leaflet:

The facts of the matter are clear on the CDC website in the United States that over 50% of animals died in the animal trials of these vaccines, which would normally indicate that such vaccines are not suitable … Read the rest

Deaths in Australia from the COVID-19 Vaccine

Deaths from the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Clive Palmer has been advertising (in a misleading way) that 210 people have died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and that 24,000 had adverse reactions from the vaccine.

He could equally have said that 161,400 people died in Australia during 2020 after COVID-19 … Read the rest

210 COVID Vaccine Deaths in Australia.

210 COVID Vaccine Deaths in Australia, or just One?

Clive Palmer has recently been pushing the news that 210 people have been reported as dying after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Australian government say it is only One.

I heard Clive Palmer three times on the radio while driving home, … Read the rest