Food Costs in Australia: Use a Butcher or a Supermarket?

Food Costs in Australia: Use a Butcher or a Supermarket to buy your Meat?.

Many people do their grocery shopping at a Supermarket, and don’t shop around at the other smaller specialist shops, such as a local Butcher.

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Price of Food in Brisbane, Australia 2004

Some examples of the average Retail Prices, in December 2004, of a range of selected items in the Brisbane area, taken by surveys for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)


  • Dairy Products
    • $2.86 Milk (2 litre)
    • $4.06 Cheese, processed, sliced, wrapped (500g)
    • $2.31 Butter (500 g)(a)
  • Bread and cereal
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Butchers and Meat Sales in Queensland

I was reading in the paper today, that independant butchers in Queensland, Australia still sell about 22% of all meat products, with the two big supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles selling 57% between them.

There is also a very big difference in price between the independant butchers and the big supermarkets.… Read the rest

Food Prices in Australia 2009

Food Prices in Australia.

Some examples of our daily shopping prices in our local area of South East Queensland.
At August 2009.

  • Avocados: $1.96 each in Woolworths
  • Avocados: 9 cents each in the Victoria Point Fruit Market. (yes, NINE cents each)
  • Bread: 650 gram sliced white Buttercup brand: $1.49
  • Granny
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Price of Fruit and Vegetables

The price of Fruit and Vegetables in Australia.

Government figures out today (source ABS), 29th July 2009 show the following prices for various Fruit and Vegetables per kilo, in the Brisbane area.

  • $3.10 Oranges
  • $2.60 Bananas
  • $2.02 Potatoes
  • $3.59 Tomatoes
  • $1.94 Carrots
  • $2.40 Onions

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