New Zealand Citizen and Australian Pension.

Australian Aged Pension for New Zealand Citizens.

To get most Centrelink payments in Australia you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be an Australian resident.
  • meet the eligibility rules for the payment.
  • serve any waiting periods.

What is an Australian Resident for Centrelink purposes?

You’re an Australian resident if … Read the rest

Australian Permanent Resident Visiting New Zealand

Does an Australian PR need a Visa to Visit New Zealand?.

Yes,  as from the 1st October 2019, an Australian Permanent Resident will need to arrange an evisa BEFORE travelling to New Zealand.

1st October 2019: The New Zealand government brought out a new rule starting from 1st October 2019.… Read the rest

Australian Citizenship for Child Born in Australia to NZ Citizen

Does a Child Born in Australia to a New Zealand Citizen get Australian Citizenship?.

A child born in Australia will generally only be an Australian citizen if at least one parent is either an Australian citizen, an Australian Permanent Resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

The question then becomes, … Read the rest