Australia Reducing International Arrival Numbers

The Australian Prime Minister has announced new rules for international arrivals, from January 2021.

Mr Morrison said there will be reduced caps on international travellers entering Australia.

The revised number of permitted arrivals per week are:

  • NSW – 1,505 arrivals
  • Western Australia – 512 arrivals
  • Queensland – 500 arrivals
  • Victoria
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Reduction in Overseas Arrivals into Australia November 2020

The overall drop in overseas arrivals into Australia for the month of November was a 98.28% drop in all arrivals.

In November 2019 there were 1,724,400 arrivals, but only 29,740 in November 2020.

Those coming with African Citizenship had the smallest reduction in percentage terms at 95.33%.   Those arriving with … Read the rest

Overseas Arrivals into Australia

The numbers of Overseas Arrivals into Australia is much smaller in 2020 than it was in 2019, obviously due to COVID-19.

  • In the first 11 months of 2020 there were 2,527,690 Non-Australian Citizen Arrivals.
  • In the first 11 months of 2019 there were 10,596,670 Non-Australian Citizen Arrivals.

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COVID-19 Cases in Australia to November 2020

Australian Covid cases by source in November 2020.

The following tables show the monthly Covid-19 cases, with figures for “Locally acquired” and “Overseas Acquired” cases.

  • Locally acquired can include interstate arrivals.
  • Overseas acquired are mainly those that arrive with COVID-19, but are not diagnosed until they arrive in the country.
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Students coming to Australia – COVID.

More Delays for International Students.

13 November 2020: Mr Morrison has stated that the Australian government will continue to put Australian citizens and permanent residents before other visa holders wanting to come to Australia.

This will result in further delays in bringing overseas students back into Australia.

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Australian International Arrival Limits Oct/Nov 2020

Quarantine Facilities Control International Arrival Numbers.

The current caps on overseas arrivals into Australia are at least 5,825 passengers per week.

This is made up of:

  • 2,950 passenger arrivals per week into Sydney, NSW.
  • 1,025 passengers per week into Perth, WA.
  • 1,000 passengers per week into Brisbane, QLD.
  • 600 arrivals
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