Parent Visa Applications onhand Sept 2020

Parent Visa Applications in Pipeline at 30 September 2020.

These are the numbers of applicants waiting for visa processing for the specified Parent visa subclass, as at 30th September 2020.

  • 39,601 subclass 103 Parent
  • 41 subclass 113 Aged Parent
  • 53,444 subclass 143 Contributory Parent (Migrant)
  • 2,884 subclass 173 Contributory Parent
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Parent Visa Queues 2019

Queues for Parent Visas reach 50,000.

In April 2019, immigration officials revealed that there were nearly 50,000 people on the waitlist for some Parent visas.

Waiting times for some Parent visas had also reached 56 years.

As at July 2019, immigration released information showing that final processing had begun for … Read the rest