Subclass 485 Visa Application and Grant Statistics

Application and Grant Statistics for subclass 485 visas.

In the last financial year there were 68,917 applications submitted for the subclass 485 visa streams.
During the same period, 63,994 grants were made for this visa stream.

The above figures included 17,758 subclass 485 secondary applications, and 16,532 secondary application grants.… Read the rest

Subclass 485 subsequent entrant visa processing times 2019

Processing Times for subclass 485 subsequent entry visa in 2019.

An analysis of sixty four subclass 485 subsequent entry visa grants in 2019 has shown that the processing times, for those granted, has taken between 50 and 168 days between Application and Grant.

Some applicants made an application that included … Read the rest

Australian Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

Australian Temporary Graduate visa – subclass 485.

This visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution.

It lets you work in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies.

You must be in Australia when you apply, and at time of grant.

The Temporary … Read the rest

From International Student to Permanent Resident in Australia

Change from Student Visa to Permanent Visa in Australia.

After successfully completing a course of study at an Australian Education Institution, it is often possible to apply for a temporary Visa to stay in Australia and gain some working experience to enable you to apply for a Permanent Skilled Visa … Read the rest

Subclass 485 subsequent entrant visa processing times

485 subsequent entrant (485se) visa grant processing times.

The Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate visa) is a temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work after you have finished your studies.

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The following processing … Read the rest

Student Visa or PR Visa for Australia

Should a Foreigner apply for a student visa to Australia or Apply Direct for a Permanent Visa?.

If you are eligible for PR then it is best to get PR directly.

If you do the Student Visa first, then you are just doing an extra visa application, or two, and … Read the rest