Australian Visitor Visa Rejection Rate

90,000 Visitor Visas to Australia Rejected in a single year.

The above heading is from a 2016 news report.  90,000 sounds like a lot of Visa rejections, at first glance. But how bad is it really ?

That figure of 90,000 came from a calculation based on the Dec 2014 … Read the rest

Visitor Visa Grant Rates by Country April to June 2018

Visitor Visa Grant Rates by Country 2017-2018.

Visitor Visa grant rates vary depending on a few different factors.

The main factor is the country of origin, and the experiences of overstay and illegal working rates of nationals from those countries.  The higher the rate of illegal use of a visa, … Read the rest

Which Visa to use for Studying in Australia

Which Visa is best for Studying in Australia.

Most people apply for a Student Visa when wanting to study in Australia, but some people can actually do this on the cheaper Visitor Visas, such as the subclass 600, 601 and 651.

The following is from the “What a “select Read the rest

No Further Stay Condition on ETA Visitor Visa

No Further Stay Condition on ETA visa.

An often asked question is: ‘Can a No Further Stay Condition be imposed on an ETA visa 601″

The answer that I have seen so many times is: NO.

It appears this is a popular visa for people to get, when they wish … Read the rest