Unemployment Benefit in Australia 2022

How Good is Unemployment Benefit in Australia?

Compared to many other countries, the Unemployment benefit in Australia, currently called Jobseeker, is quite reasonable. Not enough to live comfortably on, but better than nothing.

There are many stories in the news, especially around election times, saying how low it is, and … Read the rest

Annual Jobseeker or Newstart increases 2016 to 2021

Australian Unemployment Benefit increases 2016 to 2021

Unemployment Benefits in Australia have recently been known as either Newstart or Jobseeker, and are increased every year by the cost of living increase for that period.

The historical rates, shown below with the annual increase, are for each single person, with no … Read the rest

$50 Jobseeker Increase from April

The Jobseeker payment increase from April 2021.

It has been announced that the Jobseeker payment will increase by $50 per fortnight from April 2021.

Confirmation is to come.

This would make the fortnightly Jobseeker payments from April 2021, to become:

  • $615.70 Single, no children. An 8.83% increase.
  • $560.80 Partnered (each).
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Confused? JobSeeker or JobKeeper

Confused by JobSeeker or JobKeeper?  You are not alone…

This post is to show that many people, including news outlets, and myself, can easily get confused by these two terms: JobSeeker and JobKeeper.

Keeping the original term “NewStart” instead of “JobSeeker”, might have been better.

This is a news … Read the rest

What would a Jobseeker Rise cost Australia.

Cost of JobSeeker Increases.

A $100 rise per fortnight, to the JobSeeker allowance, would cost the Australian taxpayer an extra $3.2 billion per year.

That is according to figures from Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre.

How much is 3.2 billion dollars?

Numbers are often looked at as just numbers with no … Read the rest

Jobseeker Payment has Not Increased or Reduced

Update and Reminder.

The rate of JobSeeker payments was not increased or reduced,  it is still (in December 2020) at the same rate as it was in March 2020.

  • $565.70 Single no children, or
  • $510.80 Partnered (Each).

The extra money that some people have been receiving is the … Read the rest

Jobseeker Coronavirus Supplement from January

Coronavirus Supplement to be continued until March 2021.

The Coronavirus Supplement for Jobseeker and other welfare benefits is set to continue after the scheduled end date of 31 December 2020, but at a lower rate.

A statement from Centrelink about this Coronavirus Supplement change from 1st January 2021 was:

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Jobseeker / Coronavirus Supplement in 2021

The Coronavirus Supplement might continue after December.

The Prime Minister has now stated that coronavirus recipients should expect some part of the supplement to continue into 2021.

On Tuesday 27 October, the Prime Minister said that he expect the new JobSeeker rate will be lower than what it is right … Read the rest

Jobseeker Confusion.

Some people are confused with the Jobseeker payments,  and how much they will be getting.

Recent News reports stated that the $550 coronavirus supplement will reduce at the end of December.

The Federal government however has stated that the $550 payment ends in September….

The opposition leader has stated that … Read the rest

Jobseeker Requirement Changes Sept 2020.

Jobseekers need to apply for more jobs.

From 28 September 2020, Jobseeker recipients will need to apply for at least two jobs per week, instead of the current 1 application per week.

Jobseeker recipients who do not complete certain obligations can now have their payments cut.

Currently there are no … Read the rest