Sponsor Application for an Australian Partner Visa.

Every application for a Partner Visa for Australia requires a Sponsor, normally the Husband/Wife of the applicant, but this can also be a De-Facto partner, of either sex.

The term “Defacto” is not common in every country, so, for those who are not aware of its meaning, Defacto, in this … Read the rest

Partner Visa Sponsor Status still Submitted

Partner Visa Sponsor Status still says Submitted.

An Australian visa status will normally change throughout the application process, from Submitted, Received, and maybe some more, until finally it becomes “Finalised”.

Some people worry when their sponsors application is still at “Submitted” and does not change.

Do not panic.  It will … Read the rest

Character Check for Sponsor of Partner Visa Applicant

Character Check for the Sponsor of a Partner Visa Applicant.

The Australian Government introduced a requirement for all sponsors of Partner Visa applications to undergo a character check, for all applications received on or after 18th November 2016. This applies for all sub-classes 300, 309/100 or 820/801.

These character checks … Read the rest

Five Year Partner Visa Sponsor Limitation Period

5 Year Gap for Partner Sponsor Limitation Period.

In general, a Partner Visa Sponsor who has previously sponsored a partner (or prospective marriage) visa applicant is not able to sponsor another partner (or prospective marriage visa) applicant until at least five years have passed since the date of the first … Read the rest