Unpaid domestic work Australian Census 2021

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Over 14 million people in Australia did some Unpaid domestic work during the week up to Census night.

The actual figure is 14,077,657 people, or 67.7% of the population.

Do you know what counts as Unpaid domestic work?

Unpaid domestic work can include:

  1. meal preparation, service and clean-up.
  2. washing, ironing and managing clothes.
  3. any other housework.
  4. gardening, mowing and yard work.
  5. home maintenance.
  6. car/bike maintenance.
  7. household shopping and managing household financial affairs.
  8. maintaining home internet connections and computer systems.

I went shopping, so I am included in the total number who did Unpaid domestic work.

I actually did much more, but it shows how little needs to be done, to qualify.

The following shows the time spent during the week before the Census doing domestic work without pay for themselves and their household.

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  • 4,117,135 did less than 5 hours. (19.8%)
  • 5,663,904 did between 5 to 14 hours. (27.3%)
  • 2,511,024 did between 15 to 29 hours. (12.1%)
  • 1,785,591 did 30 hours or more. (8.6%)

Australian Census 2021

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